Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Tilburg school of Social and Behavioral sciences (TSB) is one of the faculties of Tilburg University. TSB has 6 bachelor- and 8 master programs. For example, Psychology, Human resource studies and sociology. A key point of this faculty is the improvement of collaboration and team spirit. Together with the study associations the faculty tries to achieve this key point.

COMPLEX (Psychology), Versot (Sociology), INPUT (Human Resource Studies) and POLIS (Organization & Management Studies and Global Management of Social Issues) are the four study associations. They focus on professional and personal development.

All these associations organize activities for their own study, but there are also some activities organised for all the students of TSB. This is in collaboration with the faculty association IDEA and the boards of the four study associations. By working together TSB tries to reach more students and more external parties.

The associations work together in different committees. There are committees where they learn from each other’s way of work, for example the acquisition committee. But there is also a committee that organises an informal activity for all the students of TSB, the BEHAVE. There will also be a career oriented event organised in collaboration with the board of the Social Sciences Career Event. During this event there will be several activities, workshops, company presentations and a network drink. Shortly, the committees of TSB try to improve the collaboration between the associations and the team spirit.

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