Sustainability Page

Welcome to our Sustainability Page – We firmly believe that embracing sustainable practices is not just a responsibility but a vital step towards creating a better, more resilient future for all.

In a world facing environmental challenges, economic shifts, and social transformations, we recognize the urgent need to contribute positively to the well-being of our planet. By integrating sustainability into our core values, we aim to inspire change, and empower our members to make conscious choices regarding sustainability.

At the forefront of our sustainability initiatives is our dedicated Sustainability Officer Sophie. She plays a crucial role in guiding our committees towards a more sustainable choices. In combination with a comprehensive sustainability checklist, our Sustainability Officer collaborates with various committees to ensure that our events are aligned with environmentally friendly practices. Additionally, our Sustainability Officer provides valuable insights and resources with her blogs about several topics regarding sustainability.

We believe that every small effort counts. Through collective action and a commitment to responsible practices, we as an association can contribute to the environment.



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