Work and Organizational Psychology


In short:

The minor Work and Organizational Psychology focuses on business psychology, which provides solutions to human problems in work and organizational settings. During this minor, you will follow 3 courses in which you will learn more about organizational topics, such as the recruitment of employees, leadership and diversity at the workplace.


Why this minor:

The minor Work and Organizational Psychology has a lot of added value for Organization studies students, since the subjects are in line with some of the recurring topics within Organization studies. The minor expands on some of these topics, so if you are interested in one of these specific topics, the minor Work and Organizational Psychology could be something for you.


Something to be aware of:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to immediately continue from the bachelor Organization Studies to the master Work and Organizational Psychology. To follow this master, it is required that you have followed the 6 base psychology courses besides the Work and Organizational Psychology major. The 6 base courses are: Social Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Brain and Behavior, Psychopathology, Development Psychology and Test Theory. If you want to follow the master Work and Organizational Psychology, it is good to be aware that the minor is not enough to be accepted at the master.

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