Strategic Management


In short:

During the Master Strategic Management, you will learn to recognize business challenges and act upon them to ensure long-term success. The program provides you with the sophisticated knowledge and tools needed to make and implement the vital decisions every organization has to make. It offers the ultimate start for your future career in general management, consulting or entrepreneurship.


2 different tracks:

The Master’s program in Strategic Management has 2 starting points during the year, whereby both starting points focus on different tracks. At the end of August, you can start with the Consultancy track of the Master Strategic Management. The Consultancy track specializes in advising larger and smaller firms on various contemporary strategic issues. Furthermore, at the end of January you can start with the Entrepreneurship track of the Master Strategic Management. The Entrepreneurship track specializes in entrepreneurial behavior in large firms and the creation of new business, ensuring long-term survival and success.



If you have followed the Bachelor Organization Studies or Global Management of Social Issues, it is not possible to get direct access for the Master Strategic Management. It is possible to get access to a tailor made individual deficiency program (during the bachelor), or to an academic pre-master. During this deficiency program, you will follow several courses during your bachelor, which prepare you for the Master. Both the deficiency program and the Pre-Master give direct access to the Master Strategic Management.

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