Social and Behavioural Sciences

Research Master

In short:

During the Research Master in Social and Behavorial Sciences you will expand your knowledge and research skills in the social and behavioural sciences by means of methodological and statistical insights. You will study the central theme “Individuals in social contexts” based on one of the four specialized tracks (e.g. Organization Studies track). The research master prepares you for a career both in- and outside the academic field. You will get trained to successfully enter and finish a PhD Program, and you will be qualified for high-level (research) positions.


The content of the program:

The Research Master is a 2 year program in which you can specialize in one of the four tracks: Organization Studies, Social Psychology, Sociology, and Methods and Statistics. The research master consists of 13 core courses, 3 track courses, 4 in-house internships, an international internship, a first year paper and a Master’s thesis. The core courses are relevant for all tracks and include courses which focus on methodological and statistical skills, but also on the foundations of all tracks.


Some practicalities:

The Research Master is a two year program of 120 ECTS. Within the program you will get a lot of freedom to personalize your own educational experience which can adapt to your personal interest and learning goals. Furthermore, the program offers small-scale and interactive education, whereby there is a lot of attention for individual guidance.


Application for this program:  

To be applicable for this Research Master, you need to fit to the following requirements:

If you did not obtain a diploma in the Netherlands, a different procedure will be applied. You can find this procedure at the website of Tilburg University.


If you want to learn more about this Research Master’s program, the website of Tilburg University gives a lot of information which can be interesting to read.

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