Online Culture: Global Communication


In short:

During the minor ‘Online Culture: Global Communication’, you will be diving into the developments of international communication, the consequences of increased mobility and the diversity that accords with this. By following these courses, you will be improving your language skills, knowledge of the world, and you will become more culturally aware.  

Personalization of your minor:

The minor ‘Online Culture: Global Communication’ offers you a wide range of courses so that you can personalize your minor to your own interests and needs. This means that you can choose the 3 or 5 courses which attract you the most while also taking into account whether the courses are taking place in the first and/or second semester.


The different courses:

Examples of courses which you can follow during the minor ‘Online Culture: Global Communication’ are: Communication in Global Settings, Gender and Culture, Management, Organization and Culture, and Transformations of the Public Sphere. During these courses you will be concerned with issues about the sustainability of culture, language and dialect in a globalized world, the consequences of digitalization and its new forms of communication, and the role of skills and knowledge development in a rapidly changing socialization.


Some practicalities:

The minor ‘Online Culture: Global Communication’ is part of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences and is a track of the Bachelor Communication and Information Sciences, but is open to students from all faculties at Tilburg University. This means that Organization Studies- and GMSI students are also able to follow the ‘Online Culture: Global Communication’ minor. Be aware that the minor only offers semester courses. Some take place in the first and some in the second semester. The courses are all worth 6 ECTS which means that you need to follow 3 or 5 courses to finalize your minor. 

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