Labour Law and Employment Relations


In short:

During the Master Labour Law and Employment Relations (LLM), you will be combining the field of international labour law with subjects in the fields of social policy, labour market, and human resources studies. The program ensures that you get a thorough understanding of the individual and collective labour law systems governing the different markets from an international and European perspective. 

The content of the program:

During the Master’s Program, you will be following 7 core courses (worth 42 ECTS) and you will be writing a Master’s thesis (worth 18 ECTS), which can be combined with an internship in an internationally operating company. These core courses consist of a minimum of 18 ECTS courses in law, a minimum of 12 ECTS courses in HRM/social sciences, and a free choice from both sets of courses. Examples of core courses are: International Labour Law and Globalization, Transnational Labour Law, Cultural Diversity Management, Social Policy and Social Risks, and Social Innovation. 


Students with a Bachelor’s degree in Organization studies or Global Management of Social Issues are directly eligible for the Master’s program in Labour Law and Employment Relations (LLM). It may be, however, that the admission committee will recommend you to follow an introductory course in Law during the first period. There is no examination or grading applicable for this preparatory course, but it enables to bridge a possible knowledge gap in law and liberal arts. 

Some practicalities:

The Master’s program in Labour Law and Employment Relations (LLM) is an one-year program which starts both at the end of August and at the end of January. During the program it is possible to do an internship. If this internship meets the right requirements (it needs to include a research component and you will have to write a research report) you will be awarded 3 ECTS. This internship could be anywhere in the world and provides you with fast track career opportunities.


Do you want to learn more about this Master’s Program, go to the website of Tilburg University:

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