Information Management


In short:

During the Master’s in Information Management, you will be focusing on the interaction of IT, business, and organizational strategies. This involves information planning, project management, managing change and crisis situations, and keeping up with the latest technology. You will learn how to become the bridge between IT processes, strategic needs and day-to-day operations of the company. The regular Master’s program is a 1-year program worth 60 ECTS which can be started at the end of January, or at the end of August. Also, there are possibilities to follow an advanced Master's program in Information Management.


The content of the program:

During the Master’s Program, you will be following 4 core courses (worth 24 ECTS), 3 elective courses (worth 18 ECTS) and you will be writing a Master’s thesis (worth 18 ECTS), which can be combined with an internship. Furthermore, it is also possible to follow the course Career Development Information Management. Examples of core/elective courses are: Business Process Integration, Enterprise Architecture as a Business Strategy, Business Analytics and Emerging Trends, Project Management: People and Technology, Smart Business Networks, and Cybersecurity Risk Management.


Advanced programs:

In the first semester of the regular program, you will also get the opportunity to apply for one of the two advanced programs. Firstly, it is possible to follow the Extended Master's Program, which adds a half-year traineeship to the regular Master's program. Secondly, it is possible to follow the QTEM network program, which adds an additional year to the program, which you will spend at a QTEM partner university and corporate partner. It will give you the possibility to achieve 2 or 3 Master’s degrees in 1,5 or 2 years, since you will be studying at the University of Turku in Finland (and at the AIX-Marseille University in France) besides studying at Tilburg University. At the website of Tilburg University, you can read more about the Double or Multiple degree options. 



If you have followed the Bachelor Organization Studies or Global Management of Social Issues, it is not possible to get direct access for the Master’s in Information Management. It is possible, however, to get access to a tailor-made individual deficiency program, whereby you will follow several courses during your bachelor’s program which prepare you for the Master's in Information Management. Furthermore, it is possible to follow a tailor-made Pre-Master’s program which is adapted to your individual learning needs and consists of a maximum of 30 ECTS. Both the deficiency program and the Pre-Master’s program give direct access to the Master’s in Information Management.


Do you want to learn more about this Master’s Program, go to the website of Tilburg University:

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