Global Law and Business


In short:

During the minor Global Law and Business, you will learn to combine different legal systems and jurisdictions to solve transnational challenges. Global Law goes beyond the limits of one judicial system and considers solutions from other jurisdictions or from international law. This type of broad knowledge can be used when working in an organization where legal cases involve a range of different jurisdictions, perspectives and solutions.

The courses:

The minor Global Law and Business consists of five courses. However, not all five of these courses are mandatory to follow, for example if you only have to complete 18 ECTS worth of minor courses. The five courses which are offered during the minor are: Tax Law, Civil Procedure and Global Dispute Resolution, Human Rights Law, Accountancy and Finance for Lawyers, and International Trade and Investment Law. 

The fast track: 

If you are enthusiastic about the minor in Global Law and Business, it is good to know that it is also possible to follow the fast track of the Bachelor’s program in Global Law after finishing your current Bachelor’s program in Organization Studies or Global Management of Social Issues. If you follow the fast track, you can complete the Bachelor Global Law, totaling 120 ECTS, over the span of two years. This is because you do not have to follow the interdisciplinary courses, worth 60 ECTS, again. Keep in mind that a selection committee will decide whether you are admitted to the fast track. 

Pre-master’s and Master’s programs:

After succeeding the Fast Track, you are eligible for a Master's program that matches the Bachelor’s in Global Law, such as the Master's program in International Business Law, or the Master’s programs in European Law and Global Risk or International Law and Global Governance. However, it is good to keep in mind that it is not possible to follow one of the pre-masters programs. These programs are intended for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree of applied sciences in Law. All in all, you can use the Minor Global Law and Business to orient whether a future in Law is something for you.

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