In short:

During the Minor Entrepreneurship you will learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that is both valued by existing firms and for yourself, if you want to set up and grow your own business. The courses provide you with insights, knowledge and skills which focus on an unique combination of perspectives on entrepreneurship; from start-ups to large corporations and across different industries.


3 different courses:

During this minor you will follow 3 different courses: Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Creative Entrepreneurship and Introduction to Corporate Entrepreneurship. During these courses you will learn more about Entrepreneurship in different contexts and they challenge you to work on your own business idea, but also deal with large companies which tend to be less innovative and less flexible. The courses are a combination of lectures and tutorials which include guest lectures, but also additional skills training.


Some practicalities:

The Minor Entrepreneurship is part of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, but it is open to students from all faculties at the University of Tilburg. This means that Organization Studies- and GMSI students are also able to follow the Entrepreneurship minor. The courses all endure a whole semester and it takes place during the first semester of the academic year.

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