Economic Psychology


In short:

During the minor Economic Psychology you will learn how to use knowledge of economic and psychological reasoning to understand and influence consumer decisions and financial behaviors. During this minor, you will follow 3 courses in which you will learn more about organizational topics, such as economic Behavior, decision making related to marketing, and consumer psychology.

3 courses:

The minor in Economic Psychology consists of 3 courses which will take place in the second, third and fourth block. Firstly, you will follow a more general course in which you will investigate the psychological and economic processes underlying individual and social decision-making. Secondly, during the course Attitudes and Advertising, you will focus on the fundamental nature of attitudes and the academic knowledge of this topic will be examined in the context of advertising. Lastly, the course in Consumer Behavior investigates how consumers make their choices and respond to marketing campaigns and government policies.


Master in Economic Psychology:

Next to the minor in Economic Psychology, it is also possible to follow the Master’s track in Economic Psychology. This track is part of the Master’s program of Social Psychology. The master lasts 1 year and consists of 4 courses, an internship or an elective course, and a Master’s thesis. It is only possible to start this Master at the end of August. Furthermore, it is also possible to expand your knowledge and research skills with one of the two double degrees: A Double Degree in Applied Social Sciences and a Double Degree in Cross-Cultural Economic Psychology.  


Something to be aware of:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to immediately continue from the bachelor Organization Studies to the master Economic Psychology. To follow this master, it is required that you have followed the 6 base psychology courses besides the Economic Psychology minor. The 6 base courses are: Social Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Brain and Behavior, Psychopathalogy, Development Psychology and Experimental Psychology. If you want to follow the master’s track in Economic Psychology, it is good to be aware that the minor is not enough to be accepted at this master.

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