Deep Work – Cal Newport

Deep Work

By Cal Newport


“Deep work will provide new knowledge and perspectives.”

This book is a combination of a self-help book and a study book. Newport gives a lot of information about the term ‘Deep Work’. ‘Deep Work’ is a term invented by Newport and means ‘the need for concentrated work in order to achieve maximum performance, a skill that we have slowly lost’. In today’s dynamic environment, you get distracted and cannot get into the deep work that will provide better new knowledge and perspectives. The book was full of great tips and information about how to get into a deep work setting. There were not as many anecdotes as in previous books I read. It was mostly the author’s own experience with writing peer reviews in a year. These were a bit boring and it looked like he was bragging about how much work he could do in a year. Overall it is an interesting book, where you learn many things about deep work.