What is the Belbin test?

The British psychologist Meredith Belbin (1926) conducted research into the functioning of teams in the 1970s. He showed that people can assume nine kinds of roles and that each role has qualities and pitfalls.


  • Strength: natural leader, calm, tolerant, decisive and structured. 
  • Weakness: Sometimes manipulates others.

Resource Investigator:

  • Strength: extroverted networker, comes up with new ideas and sees opportunities. 
  • Weakness: careless, easily bored.

Group Worker:

  • Strength: social, sensitive, compliant mood maker. 
  • Weakness: does not cope well with stress, avoids conflict


  • Strength: conscientious, perfectionist quality guard. 
  • Weakness: Difficulty delegating and problem-oriented.

Business Man: 

  • Strength: down-to-earth, task-oriented approach, turns ideas into concrete tasks. 
  • Weakness: sometimes a bit rigid and conservative.


  • Strength: driven, passionate and competitive entrepreneur. 
  • Weakness: Intolerant and impatient, rambles over others.


  • Strength: innovative thinker, comes up with original solutions. 
  • Weakness: soloist, dreamer, unrealistic, little decisive.


  • Strength: thoughtful, analytical, critical helicopter view. 
  • Weakness: does not make decisions, is aloof.


  • Strength: professional, substantive and dedicated. 
  • Weakness: loner, difficulty with teamwork and creative solutions.

Based on Belbin's theory, a test was developed that maps out in which role(s) someone scores high. Usually, people score high on two or three roles. An optimal team, therefore, does not have to consist of at least nine people, sometimes all roles are covered by four people. The Belbin test is not a personality test but a behavioral test.

Belbin in Organizations

According to Belbin, a team functions optimally when all roles in a team are represented. In this way, team members complement each other well, everyone is empowered, and all aspects of the work are covered. One person comes up with creative ideas, another person with decisiveness, the next person asks critical questions, and yet another person provides connection and fun.

The Belbin test is interesting for managers who put together and/or manage a team. In addition, coaches who work with teams can use the test to make them function more effectively. You can also use the Belbin test to get to know yourself better and to identify your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you are looking for a new job, the Belbin test can be a good addition to conversations with a coach or career advisor.

You can use the test to make your team function better. If it is clear to everyone which roles suit them best, you can better coordinate their activities, work together better, start appreciating each other more, and prevent friction from constantly arising. With the Belbin test, you can also find out which preferred roles you have, which tasks within a team you can best take on, but also which kinds of jobs suit you well.

Where can you take the Belbin test?

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