Young Colfield


Hello, we are Young Colfield. Nice to meet you! We would really like to introduce ourselves to you.

At Young Colfield we focus on your growth and discovery journey. We facilitate a breeding ground in which young talent can grow.We facilitate this by offering 2 traineeships: A multi-company Talent Program and a Young Expert IT Program.

In our Talent Program you will complete three assignments of approximately 6-8 months in two years for a wide range of companies. From start-up, to non-profit, to corporate. In positions such as project manager, junior consultant and / or business analyst. In this way you can discover which sector, function and environment suits you and what your talents and challenges are. In addition, you will receive intensive personal guidance and an extensive training program during these two years. This involves both hardskill and softskill training. You will follow this training program together with your YC team (8 trainees), with whom you build a close relationship!