In November 2011 our showroom opened on the Bredaseweg in Tilburg. We have all sorts of clothing, ranging from T-shirts, sweaters, polos and much more. Customers can come to our shop and compare the different pieces of clothing, and immediately place their order.

In July 2016, we opened our 2nd store in Breda at the Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat 37. We already had many customers from Bred coming to Tilburg. By opening in Breda, we think we can serve the local market even better.

The future of Tigerprint looks very bright. Merchandise is becoming increasingly important to bands and Tigerprint prints pireces with the highest quality. The fact that more customers are choosing Tigerprint as a printer for their clothinghas to do with multiple facts. Tigerprint has very reasonable prices, an extensive range clothing pieces, top quality printing, and a flexible and service-oriented attitude. This makes Tigerprint the ideal textile printer for many bands, associations and companies.

View our website https ://www.tigerprint.nl/ for more information.


Bredaseweg 198
013 – 533 9999