SvRK is a young and ambitious consultancy organization of experts who assist administrators and management in the semi-public domain, with an emphasis on the education system in the broadest sense. Together with our clients, we contribute to improving contemporary education, childcare and medical care from an administrative, legal and organizational perspective.

We are independent, innovative and have a deep knowledge base in our area of expertise. We thrive in an environment in which we can connect to substantive relevant themes. Curiosity is an important motivation al driver for us. We are experts in terms of content and work with a lot of energy, pleasure and commitment combining from various complementary areas of expertise within our team and our partners. Social questions are becoming more complex and tasks and responsibilities are shifting.

Education, childcare and medical care can often no longer be seen separately. (just like supporting business processes, such as HR, housing and finance). We work together with our clients to provide new perspectives, better views and appropriate answers to the complex problems. Our office has existed since 2021 and is growing. We are currently still located in The
Hague, but from July 1, 2024 we will move to our new office at Orteliuslaan 1051 in Utrecht.

Are you curious about what we do? You can find various examples of our work on our
website. In addition, all our vacancies can be found on the website!