De Zorgboog


At Zorgboog, we are ready to serve all generations in the Peel region. Both young and old can come to us for a wide range of services in housing, well-being, and care. Our 2,600 employees and 1,300 volunteers support over:

• 2,000 clients at home

• 1,000 clients with care and accommodation

• 1,800 clients with maternity care• in Helmond, Gemert-Bakel, Asten, Laarbeek, Someren, Deurne, and Geldrop-Mierlo.


Vision on Care

Zorgboog aims to continue to meet the needs of all generations now and in the future. With our comprehensive Vision on Care, we indicate the kind of care organization Zorgboog is and how we see our future.

Caring for and with each other from the community perspective in neighborhoods and districts is a focal point of our vision. Together with well-trained and vital healthcare professionals, enthusiastic volunteers, committed informal caregivers, and skilled partners, we want to help build a local caring society for young and old. By supporting the immediate environment and social network and promoting positive health, older people can remain healthy and independent at home for as long as possible, keeping control over their lives. This enables us to optimally respond to tomorrow’s care needs with our (indicated) care and support.

Close collaboration with each other and with partners in care, housing, and well-being is key, as well as the use of social and technological innovations. Check out the animated video below where we explain how we respond to the challenging care tasks ahead of us.