We are Daadkracht.

Since 1999, we have been building the digital government. We provide advice and support in the areas of electronic publishing, organizational issues related to digital services, and we create training and experience opportunities for young talent. Daadkracht consists of four companies: Daadkracht Bekendmaken (since 1999), Daadkracht Advies (since 2008), Daadkracht Digitaal (since 2017), and Daadkracht Talent (since 2018). Daadkracht is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Daadkracht Bekendmaken is the market leader in electronic publishing of regulations, notices, and announcements in accordance with the Dutch Bekendmakingswet. Daadkracht provides support with advice, training, and implementation services.

Daadkracht Advies supports local governments with issues related to business operations, information management, and service delivery. Daadkracht’s advisors are specialists in optimizing processes, implementing case-oriented work, privacy issues, information architecture, and information security.

Daadkracht Digitaal helps governments set up and improve their websites. Daadkracht does this with research, concrete solutions, and support for implementation. Accessible, findable, and user-friendly.

Daadkracht Talent offers talented individuals who have just finished their studies. Alumni in public administration and business work, learn, and gain the necessary expertise at municipalities under the guidance of Daadkracht and the Daadkracht Academy. This way, they can be well-prepared to work at your organization.