Bisnez supports its clients implementing change processes with advice, project and program management. We work for interesting clients in both the public and commercial sector. We count Rabobank, Achmea, the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst) and the Municipality of Rotterdam among our clients. What makes us unique is our close relationship as a team.  

What it looks like to work at Bisnez 

As a project manager or consultant at Bisnez you help organizations to get their strategy working. You do this by implementing the changes required in the areas of processes, governance, information/data management and control. You’re not working for the client but with the client, collaborating closely to reach the best possible result.

Your personal development matters! 

At Bisnez we care about your development and we will help you to become the professional you want to be. That starts with the jobs we do: Practice is the best way to learn. You will receive on-the-job coaching by our experienced colleagues. You will also follow internal and external training courses, which will make you an even better consultant or project manager. Other than that you are at the helm of your own development. Take the initiative and you will be given plenty of room to develop yourself: The sky is the limit!  

Together we are Bisnez 

That’s why you get the chance to help build our organization. For example, by organizing events, helping with marketing or acquiring new leads. We also develop and share knowledge together with colleagues, for example by writing publications in our field or by hosting an internal training. That is not only fun, but also educational. 

Warm relationships and team spirit are essential for a productive and healthy company. We promote this among our clients but also among our 60 colleagues! Though we work at the client most of the time, and therefore don’t see each other on a daily basis at the Bisnez office, we all know each other very well. A big part of Bisnez is to meet each other in social activities. We invite a colleague out for a lunch or a walk, we play sports together or rent a co-workspace. We also organize many events for the whole team: an annual weekend away (our partners are also invited) ), skiing in the Alps, cycling in Alsace and many nice dinners. We like to organize it all (and preferably together), which results in a close relationship as a team. If you want to know more, visit