Whether you already know what you want to do after you graduate, or are still considering all the options, Bewegin is the place to be. In our challenging traineeship, you’ll find everything you need to rapidly develop yourself. Welcome to the ultimate kickstart for your career!

Just check the bullets:

  • Challenging work with a lot of freedom
  • Start in the role of a consultant
  • Dive into change management and organizational development
  • Make an impact in the public sector
  • Weekly personal guidance
  • Loads of fun!
  • Tailored just for you

Bewegin makes starting your career fun. Everything we do, is about development. Our traineeship is entirely dedicated to your professional development for two years and together, we ignite development with our clients in the public sector.

When you work at Bewegin, you carve your own path. You take on a free role with one of our clients, combining executive tasks with your own change assignment. With the support of your personal supervisor and 30+ training sessions, you’ll make leaps forward.

We believe in unlocking potential. At Bewegin, you grow as a professional and as an individual, entirely based on your talents and ambitions. All of this in an adventurous traineeship where you get everything you need to keep evolving. Truly the most rewarding work!

Choosing your talent
If you’re ready to start working now, the world is at your feet – and that’s precisely what can make starting so challenging. That’s why at Bewegin, we look at your talent – the reason to choose Bewegin.

  • Because you have ambitions as a consultant – with us, you start as a junior organizational developer
  • Because you’re not exactly sure what you want – with us, you discover it
  • Because you know you’re far from done learning – with us, you keep learning
  • Because you’re looking for work with impact – with us, you improve the public sector

You’re in control
Are you ready to take off? Then this is your ideal starting point. Choose your development and choose your talent. Join our energetic group of talents – ambitious beginners who, just like you, want to excel with their ambitions. Get in Bewegin!