Friends of POLIS
Adtje Sjoerd van Nostrum
Board of '20 / '21
Sir Basjan de Ridder
Friend since '19
Rob 'Driesprong' Daey Douwens
Friend since '19
Ramon Verhagen
Board of '20 / '21
Lucas van Vroonhoven
Friend since '19
Django Kerseboom
Board of '19 / '20
Emma van Dongen
Board of '19 / '20
Martijn van der Helm
Board of '19 / '20
Emily Szabo
Board of '19 / '20
Marloes Joosen
Board of '19 / '20
Marijana Jovanovic
Board of '19 / '20
Paul de Beijer
Founder of POLIS

Do you have a warm heart for Study Association POLIS? Do you feel connected to the association and its members?

Study Association POLIS introduces Friends of POLIS, a collective of parties that want to invest in the development of members and the association.Through Friends of POLIS you can stay involved with the association and its members.

What is Friends of POLIS for you?

Members of Friends of POLIS will pay an amount of €20,-  to the association every year. With this they enlarge their involvement with the association and invest in the development of the members and the association, as that is what the money will be used for.

What do you get as a Friend of POLIS?

Because Study Association POLIS is grateful for your participation, we want to give back. All Friends of POLIS, as a form of gratitude, will be visible in the POLIS-room with their name on the plaque.

Who can be a Friend of POLIS?

Everyone who is 18 and older can become a Friend of POLIS.

How long is your membership of Friends of POLIS?

A Friend of POLIS membership is yearly, from January 1st until December 31st. It is valid from the moment of subscription until the end of that year, and will continue into the next year automatically. If you wish to unsubscribe, it is required that you do so before December 31st. The membership is still valid in the year of unsubscription.

How do Friends of POLIS get informed?

Friends of POLIs will be kept up to date about interesting events and actualities via the social media channels, and a yearly e-mail.

How will the spending purpose be chosen?

The sponsored money will be spent differently every year, this goal is chosen yearly by the Board of that academic year. It is a requirement that it supports Study Association POLIS in its development. Friends of POLIS will be notified on time about that year’s spending purpose.

Spending purpose 2019-2020

For the academic year 2019-2020 the proceeds of Friends of POLIS will go to the professionalization of POLIS. This professionalization will be subjects like: events, committees, or inventory like a new computer. These subjects will fall under the improvement of the association or under the social development of members in discipline of the studies Organisatiewetenschappen and Global Management of Social Issues.

If you are interested in becomes a Friend of POLIS, all you have to do is fill in the registration form below.

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