It is possible to do two studies at the same time. But there are some things you have to take into account. 

Get an exemption for courses

Some studies have courses in common, then you do not have to do double courses. You do have to ask for an exemption if you think two courses are the same. 

Tuition fee

When doing two studies at the same time, you do not have to pay the tuition fee twice (only for the statutory rate, so not for private education), as long as you do not have a diploma yet. When you paid for one study you can request a ‘Bewijs van Betaald  Collegegeld’. With this document, you can sign up for another study without paying twice. You can even do a second study at a different university. You can continue your second study after finishing your first for the same tuition fee. 

You should start your second study before finishing your first if you want to pay the legal tuition fee. If you already finished your first study and then start your second you will have to pay the institutional tuition fee, which is more expensive. 

Want advice?

For this, it is best to contact the educational coordinators from the studies you want to combine.