What is Studium Generale?

For you as a student, Studium Generale (SG) offers a variety of interesting lectures and other events. You do not need any prior knowledge to visit their events. Studium Generale intends to broaden the awareness and personal development among students of Tilburg University. 


Why get a Studium Generale Certificate?

With a Studium General Certificate, you can show on your CV how you foster your broad academic curiosity. Convince your future employer of your interest in current themes, surprising perspectives, and in-depth analysis with the Studium Generale Certificate. 


How do you get the Studium Generale Certificate?

Take part in at least five selected Studium Generale events (with the mention of SG-certificate in the lead text). You are expected to participate in the entire event or to watch the whole event (in case a recording is made available online). 

Report. For each of those five events, you have to write a short text (130-170 words) on what you have learned. The aim is to not just summarize each program but to formulate the report in your own words. Cribbing and copied text will not be accepted. The report can be either in Dutch or in English. 

More information about the Studium Generale Certificate: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/campus/studium-generale/students/certificate-studium-generale 

Upcoming events of Studium Generale: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/campus/studium-generale