Are you an ambitious student, ready to take on an extra challenge? Do you wish to broaden your acquaintance with other scientific disciplines? Sign up for the Honors Program with every year a different theme.

What does it entail?

The program offers you four interdisciplinary courses – taught by lecturers from different schools within Tilburg University – in which multiple aspects of trust and reliability will be considered from political, cultural, legal, economic, and media perspectives.

The courses are exclusively open to participants in the Honors Program and are designed to fulfill the participants’ curiosity rather than simply extend their regular course programs.

What can you expect?

During the second and third year of your Bachelor’s program, you will take a total of four extra courses, one per semester. The courses are taught in the evening hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. The courses are interactive and stimulate discussion among students from various fields of study. For each session, there is a reading assignment, and the courses will be finalized with a written exam or paper (no re-sit). If you plan a semester abroad, an online module is an option. 


The courses change every year, based on the theme. If you want to see the courses of this year you can check the website of Tilburg University. 


Upon successfully completing the four courses (6 ECTS each), you will receive a certificate signed by the Rector Magnificus at the time of awarding your Bachelor’s degree. 

The credits obtained for the courses of the Honors Program cannot be used to meet the regular demands of the Bachelor’s program.