Name: Vienna Pahlplatz

Study program: Global Management of Social Issues

Exchange location: University College Dublin



  • Was it easy to find a room?

No, it requires a lot of patience to find a decently priced room in the housing market of Dublin. I looked on Facebook sites, hosting power, student accommodations, campus accommodation and a UCDpadlet. I found my accommodation by the latter, but was extremely lucky. 

  • Did the university provide housing?

There is campus accommodation, but I know only a few people who were offered a room there – the waitlists are very long. I would highly recommend focusing on other accommodations.

  • How expensive is housing?

Housing in Dublin is very, very expensive. Most students who were staying with host families still paid between 700-900 euros a month, campus accommodation is also around 750 I believe, and rooms or small apartments in the private sector vary a lot, but 1200-1600 a month are regular rent prices. Price of accommodation is really something to consider before you go. 

Public transport

  • Is public transport well organized?

The opinions are divided on this one… In principle yes, but in reality the buses do have loads of issues. When they are full (which happens quite often) they drive right past you, and some trajectories are always late. However, there are loads of buses, bus stations, the LUAS, the DART, so you’ll always get where you want to be in the end, it just might take a while longer. 

  • How expensive is public transport?

Not expensive at all with a student Leap Card, for dutchies the DUO reis voorziening most likely covers all the expenses. However, I had a bicycle to commute as well, so it might depend on where you live & how often you take public transport. 


  • What is your experience with choosing the courses?

I had an idea in mind of interesting courses I wanted to take, but unfortunately none of them were available in my registration slot. I was able to sign up for a waitlist for some of these courses but decided to choose other courses, but I would have definitely preferred having some of my ‘first-choice’ courses.

  • Were the courses easier, comparable or harder than at Tilburg University?

In my opinion, easier. I was quite happy with this as it provided me with loads and loads of time to do fun stuff besides studying, like multiple-day trips throughout Ireland, meeting friends and exploring the city, and pursuing my own hobbies. Although it is listed as a good, highly ranked University, I wouldn’t go here if you are looking for an academically challenging semester. 


  • How is the student life in the city?

Student life is wonderful!!! The pub culture in Dublin is great and you’ll meet many friends there, people are always down for a drink and a chat anytime during the day. There are many parties and events to go to, and loads of fun clubs where you’ll become a regular. Besides this there are many student associations you could sign up to at your own University.

  • Is there an introduction day/week? 

Yes, but it’s not very extensive. The first two weeks of the semester are basically to settle in, and there are a few events such as a campus tour, student meetups, a market for all societies and clubs, etc. However, when you become part of the Erasmus group chat in Dublin you’ll be joining fun and random activities all the time, especially in the first week as everybody is getting to know one another and exploring the city.

  • What are things people should definitely do/visit when they are there?

Depending on what you like and how long you’re staying: 

  • Musea: dublin castle, national art gallery, natural history museum, guinness storehouse
  • Gardens/hikes: botanical gardens, st stephens green park, iveagh gardens, merrion square, phoenix park, howth cliff walk
  • Daytrips to Cork, Galway, Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, Dun Laoghaire, Wicklow Mountains/Glendalough, Cliffs of Moher, Cobh, Blarney Castle, Donegal or Sligo for hikes
  • Try a new sport, whether its rugby, bouldering or salsa dancing, the communities are so active and you’ll meet amazing people
  • Do you have any general tips/ experiences you want to share?

I would apply to student accommodations separate from the campus accommodation as soon as you know you’re accepted to increase your chances of finding a nice room, but be prepared for high prices. To me it was worth it in the end since I had an incredible time in Dublin, but it is something to consider as exchanges to other countries will be amazing too and maybe less expensive.