What does it entail? POLIS organizes study-related activities like visits to organizations, a study trip, a congress, workshops, and recruitment activities. On the other hand, we organize fun activities like parties in our favorite bar: Café de Boekanier. We also have activities like pub crawls, family day, and of course our annual Stadhuisstraat cantus.  As a board member of our association, you will be coordinating these events and making sure everything goes smoothly. Besides that, you will be able to work out your own ideas for the association.  What is in it for you?
  • Develop yourself in a unique way
  • Run an organization for a year (and organize more than 60 activities!)
  • Boost your resume!
  • Build up a great network
  • Best year of your study!
  • Up to €5 compensation per activity
  • At least 8 out of 11 scholarships 
  Functions of the board Chairman The function of the chairman is focused on managing the board and being the contact person for other associations and the university. This entails having regular meetings with the chairmen of other associations in which you’ll discuss potential collaborations and trends within your associations/faculty. Besides this, you have quarterly meetings with the head of our department to keep the university updated about everything that is going on in POLIS. You’ll also be asked to join brainstorming sessions or to give a speech at formal events. Next to the external aspect, you’ll also get more experience in leading a management team. It’s a real personal development to coach and coordinate your fellow board members and rewarding as well to see their personal growth. You have a nice overview of everything that happens inside and outside the association.   Secretary As the secretary of the board, you are responsible for making the minutes of all board meetings and General Meetings. Besides that, you are responsible for all the incoming and outgoing mail of the association, you maintain the membership database, you enroll the board in the Chambre de Commerce and you are responsible for the POLIS agenda. Next to these ‘formal’ tasks, there is enough space for your creativity and more informal tasks. You coordinate committees and you will have other tasks that will be divided during the policy week.  Treasurer The Treasurer is the board function that takes care of all the finances of the association through all the related tasks. These tasks include having responsibility over the debit and credit card, and cashbox, making a budget at the beginning of the association year, and keeping the accounting of the association up to date, using accounting programs. Other than this, you get to coordinate committees, one of which is the Study Trip Committee, which is usually coordinated by the Treasurer due to it having a lot of financial decisions to be taken. This board function gives you great insight into budget-making, decision-making, and being objective and responsible. Furthermore, coordinating the committees and taking over some general board tasks makes for a very balanced function, as it gives this very rational board function also a more humane and creative side.  Public Relations & External Affairs As the Public Relations and External Affairs officer, you are responsible for having contact with all of the partners of POLIS. Next of course having your committees means you will develop yourself on a social and professional level. Your main task is to achieve your target. This is set at a certain level at the beginning of the year and with maintaining and making new partnerships. By reaching your target you make sure that it is possible to organize a lot of amazing events! Coordinator In the board, there are usually two coordinators. As a coordinator, you are the link between members and the board. Your main task is coordinating committees, which are usually also the bigger committees. Within a committee you are supporting the chairman of the committee, keeping a clear overview, and helping organize the events. Next to organizing events and coordinating the committees, you will have more general tasks you can choose from in the policy week. These tasks can be specific to your board’s policy plan or tasks that are there every year such as having responsibility over the summaries.