Internship @ municipality of Bernheze by Milou Vaes

Internship @ municipality of Bernheze

After finishing my bachelor Organization Studies in January 2022, I had a gap semester before starting my Master’s after the summer. I wanted to get more hands-on experience to strengthen my professional skills and find out which aspects of our study I liked most in practice.
Therefore, I decided to look for an internship. I searched some time to find the right internship for me and eventually found it through LinkedIn. A few people responded to my post on there, I had some Zoom-calls and found the right match at Gemeente Bernheze, a small municipality in Brabant.  From February – July 2022 I am a member of team HRM there. My tasks focus mainly on organizational and strategic HRM issues, such as strategic workforce planning, labour market communication and current topics such as hybridity at work. It has been very interesting to experience how topics like leadership, resistance to change and team development are approached there.
My internship is 3 days a week, which allows me to  keep my side job as well. Working 5 days a week has been really different, but it also gave me a nice structure in my days, which sometimes you can miss as a student. I also really enjoyed taking a study-break. Whereas before starting my internship I really wanted to see what all OS-theories looked like in practice, I now feel like I have new energy to dive deeper into the theory again. Contact:

This was written by Milou Vaes