Internship Mexico by Kiara Sarens

Internship Mexico

Hey everyone! I was asked to share my internship experience with you, and I will very gladly do so.

Quick background about me, I am 21 years old, originally from Belgium but lived in Spain, the USA and The Netherlands. For my mobility window, I decided to do an international internship, to gain work experience and explore Latin America. So, I went to Guadalajara, Mexico, for 4months.

I performed my internship at a small NGO called Asociación Pro México via Projects Abroad, where I worked alongside a group of very dedicated women, who strive for gender equality, mitigating poverty and women empowerment. My tasks were very diverse but all with the aim of helping rural women and university aged students who come from less fortunate backgrounds. Some of the jobs I performed were a socio-economic study, giving a workshop, an organizational investigation on leadership and helping with the daily tasks within the organization. It was a fantastic and rewarding experience, where I learned so much from both the job and my colleagues.

Working alongside inspiring and dedicated women, enabled me to learn the importance of working in a committed teamwork environment, who put solidarity and helping others before themselves, but most importantly the importance of a community that supports each other and helps you grow as an individual.

But not everything was work. During my stay, I of course also explored the country and its rich and vibrant culture; drank a lot of tequila and ate a lot of tacos, enjoyed the sunshine, and experienced the Mexican parties. I got the chance to travel around during the country in the weekends and explore Guadalajara during the afternoons. It was amazing!

Overall, the experience was extremely rewarding, insightful and educational. I highly recommend this to everyone.

If you have any questions about doing an internship, or Mexico or anything else, please feel free to contact me! Contact:

This was written Kiara Sarens