Exchange to Slovenia by Bente van Hattem

Exchange to Slovenia

During the fall semester, I went to the beautiful capital of Slovenia: Ljubljana. I often got and still get the question why I chose for Ljubljana, and I will tell you why. Ljubljana is the ‘hidden pearl’ of Europe, and although tourism is increasing, it is still not that well known. This is what makes Ljubljana so special. The inhabitants are really friendly and open and throughout the whole city there is this relaxed atmosphere without stressful people that are running through the city as we often see in the Netherlands. Ljubljana is a real student-city and the university has a great percentage of international students, which really helped me in feeling at home in Ljubljana and on the university. As Slovenia has a central place in Europe, I made a lot of trips in Slovenia with its beautiful nature, but also around Slovenia (Italy, Bosnia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria). If you have the ability to go on exchange, I would really recommend you to do so, because it will give you an unique experience and open view on the world. It is the time to discover new places, get to know new people and see how other universities and students work and live.

This was written by Bente van Hattem