Exchange in Ireland by Nard Timmermans

Exchange in Ireland

During the fall semester of 2018 I had the opportunity to attend Limerick University. Limerick is a city in the west of Ireland which is situated at the Shannon River. The city isn’t that big even though it is the third biggest city in the country and it’s  know for the great university and rugby team (Munster rugby). The university is bigger than our beloved Tilburg University  and it even has 3 pubs located on campus which are opened until 12 at night. The mix of internationals and Irisch students  works surprisingly well because Irisch people are truely interested in international students and they welcome you with open  arms! The country Ireland is known for it’s breathtaking landscape and lively citys full of bars like Galway, Dublin and Cork!  Personally I would advice everyone to go on exchange since you will get to explore a new country, make friends from all over the world and develop yourself personally as well! Greetings from Ireland!

This was written by Nard Timmermans