Coordinator of the board of Study Association POLIS by Emma van Dongen

Coordinator of the board of Study Association POLIS

I remember joining POLIS in my first year and truly feeling like I found a family at the university. Tilburg still felt very new but through POLIS and all my committee members throughout the years it really started to feel like home. So the choice to sign up to become a board member felt only right. I signed up together with 9 lovely people and was so happy when I was one of the lucky six to be called with the good news, I became coordinator 1!!!
My board year taught me a lot, and if I say this I truly mean a lot. The first months were filled with meetings, parties, lectures (42 ECTS), more meetings and very little sleep. I was tired but so happy every day and really liked being part of organizing not only many events but also truly running all association aspects as well. Career events, internationalization events with the university, room duties and parties in the Boekanier, all made the year diverse and fun. Sadly the last few months of my board year took part in 2020, I will not use the word, we all know what happened. And so we had to cancel many events, including our study trip to Mexico. As we had to cancel all events we got to organize many events in a totally new form, really requiring us to be creative and adaptive to every situation. This experience has really helped me during the masters and in the work field.
My board year was the amazing experience it was due to 5 people, my fellow board members. We have shared so many memories both fun and sad and really grew close over the years during and after our board year. I hope one day we will take that trip to Mexico in honor of POLIS. All in all, POLIS is still close to my heart and my board year was one of the most intense, fun, tiring, exciting, and beautiful years of my life and I have never regretted it!


This was written by Emma van Dongen