Chairwoman at Faculty Association IDEA by Anna Telder

Chairwoman at Faculty Association IDEA

My name is Anna and I am a third year Organization studies student. The past year I did a board year at Faculty Association IDEA. Due to COVID-19, my student years turned out a bit different than expected. I did not want to finish my bachelors this year, so I decided to take on a new challenge and applied for the board of IDEA! The best part about a board year is that you get to know a lot of new people and all different associations in Tilburg. I really liked meeting people outside my normal group of friends, because without a board year I probably wouldn’t have met as many people from different studies/associations as I have now. Being part of a board is really nice as well. For a whole year, you spend a lot of time with these people and you really get to know each other during the year. You are really in it together. The feeling of being part of a team was quite new to me in this setting, but it was fun!. This was something that of course has been missing due to all the lockdowns and online education.
That is why I feel like this past year was a great addition to my student life.
I really learned a lot about myself this year. Being the chairman of a board was something completely new to me and I had to figure out a lot along the way. But looking back, it was a great way to develop myself. Getting out of my comfort zone and taking on new challenges and experiences was something I really enjoyed this year.
A board year is a lot of fun and really a great experience, and I would recommend it to everybody!


This was written by Anna Telder