Experience platform

Exchange in Ireland by Nard Timmermans

Exchange to Slovenia by Bente van Hattem

Exchange to Wellington by Floor Wijers

Internship @ Solvid Ondernemen by Bente van Hattem

Internship Mexico by Kiara Sarens

Internship @ municipality of Bernheze by Milou Vaes

Exchange San Diego by Francois Barieux

Data science and the impact it can have on organizations by Noelle Cicilia

Student Assistent for the OS Department by Maartje Hermans

TSB Student Assessor by Laurens Maas

Working after the extended OS masters by Koen Hol

Internationalization Officer by Réka Gyaraki

Chairwoman at Faculty Association IDEA by Anna Telder

Coordinator of the board of Study Association POLIS by Emma van Dongen

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