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In the Yearbook Committee, you and your fellow committee members will be responsible for creating the famous almanac. The almanac is a yearbook which looks back at the whole year and captures all the beautiful memories. Don’t worry, it won’t be just writing and editing all year! You will also help organize the New Years Drink where all POLIS members can meet again after the winter break and wish each other a happy new year! If you are creative and would like to capture memories of the whole year in a wonderful almanac, you should join the Yearbook Committee!

I’d like to introduce you to our small but mighty committee, the Yearbook Committee! 

First we have our busy bee Charlotte. Despite her busy life, she is always happy to contribute to POLIS. Charlotte is our Chief of BaCo and our Treasurer. Charlotte is Chief of BaCo for the third year in a row now, so she is very committed to getting as many points as possible. 

Then we have Nienke, the Secretary and Chief of Drinks of the committee. Nienke is a first-year POLIS member and is already active in two committees! She likes to undertake things and takes keeping score of the crosses seriously.

Elise is the Public Relations Officer and the Coordinator. She is the running engine in the committee and keeps everyone driven. Despite her tight schedule, she always manages to actively participate with her creative ideas.

And last but not least there’s me, Marinthe. I am the Chairwoman of the committee. I am looking forward to creating the yearbook with the lovely people being part of the committee and I very much look forward to the rest of the year!

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