Meet our


In the Theme Party Committee (TiPCie), you will organize the most famous, most well-visited and notorious parties of Study Association POLIS. You and your fellow committee members will organize one theme party and a pub crawl through Tilburg. You are free to come up with the craziest ideas and themes and transform ‘Café de Boekanier’ completely into the theme. From experience we can tell: nothing is too much or too crazy at TiPCie parties!

Mara is our Secretary. She claimed this position with such willingness that one could only expect the best of the best minutes, right? Right?!? Luckily minutes are not the most important thing in this committee as everyone always knows what is expected of them. Mara therefore fully focuses on crosses administration which she excels at.

Renée is our Chief of Drinks, how fitting for a women with a true passion for drinks, carnaval and parties of all sorts. Bringing everyone in the party-mood seems no challenge for Renée, but will she succeed this year at getting the TiPCie tipsy?

Gwenda is our office dog. With her puppy eyes and outgoing enthusiasm there was no better role for her. Also she was late to the meeting where we divided roles but this probably has no correlation to her assigned task.

Isa van Hees is one of the two members of this committee who broke the curse of only seniors being in the TiPCie. As our Xhief of BaCo she has the extremely challenging task to motivate the elderly of the committee to actually participate in the BaCo challenges. Will she succeed? Or will she be too busing playing in the ballenbak of Happy Italy?

Isa Buiting is the other member of TiPCie breaking the elderly curse. She is our PR officer, who has yet to be needed for this task. With her youthful enthusiasm she in the means to bring life in the brewery. If only she would live in Tilburg so she wouldn’t have to party poop every time at 00:00.

Sven is our Treasurer and we have yet to reveal to him how much we went over budget during the TiPCie pubcrawl. Will he survive this shock? Or will this at his age give him a fatal heart attack? We hope not, as there is never a dull moment with Sven around.

Bas is our Coordinator although he is sometime a bit at a loss of what is going on. Is this because he so occupied with coordinating his own board? Or because he has such faith that this committee can coordinate itself? Or maybe he is just a little too preoccupied with the ladies lately??

And then there is me, Tristan. As the Chairman this year I have the honor of guiding this mess, or trying to, towards 2 successful events. I hope I will succeed at this final task of my 5 year POLIS career, or at the very least make sure everyone in my committee has the best possible time here in Tilburg.