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In the Theme Party Committee (TiPCie), you will organize the most famous, most well-visited and notorious parties of Study Association POLIS. You and your fellow committee members will organize two theme parties and a pub crawl through Tilburg. You are free to come up with the craziest ideas and themes and transform ‘Café de Boekanier’ completely into the theme. From experience we can tell: nothing is too much or too crazy at TiPCie parties!

Boris is our lovely Secretary, this is a task he can do without thinking because he had to do it a full year during his board year at POLIS. Maybe the Chief of Drinks would have fitted him better, because he is searching for ‘borrel’ moments all the time! Boris is already in his master so be nice to him, otherwise he might leave POLIS next year ;)

Ramon is this year our Public Relations officer. He has especially good contacts with pubs, which is perfect for the pub crawl. While this is his official task, we could better say that he is this years dj. Many people already know Dj Ramoney’s skills, but the ones who don’t will notice it really soon! 

Boris and Ramon are not the only grandpa’s of this committee, because Tom is also one of them. He is our Chief of drinks and Chief BaCo, which maybe wasn’t the best idea because his agenda is so full that he doesn’t even have time to visit his own meetings. However, he is a great addition at our party’s (the moments he is not smoking outside at least)!

Yanna is the Treasurer for this year. She is really dedicated to think of great themes and is the most creative but also realistic one of us (as the other ones can have some weird ideas). She likes party’s, however drinking is not really her thing as she has a phobia for puking… 

Our beloved Coordinator Sem is the youngest of us, which could be a challenge. She is managing so far so good! She has accepted that the committee will not take everything that serious this year and wanted this committee so badly that she took it from her own board member Joëlla. 

Maren- I am Chairwoman of the TiPCie this year. I couldn’t let go of POLIS yet after my board year and am really looking forward to organize some great events, especially with such a fun committee as this one :))

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