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In the Theme Party Committee (TiPCie), you will organize the most famous, most well-visited and notorious parties of Study Association POLIS. You and your fellow committee members will organize two theme parties and a pub crawl through Tilburg. You are free to come up with the craziest ideas and themes and transform ‘Café de Boekanier’ completely into the theme. From experience we can tell: nothing is too much or too crazy at TiPCie parties!

First of we have Annelies Klaren, this amazing girl is always ready to party. She is a POLIS veteran like many of the others in this wonderful committee. She knows a lot about parties, and mostly, how to party herself. Having been to Budapest she can tell you the best stories at a drink. If Annelies arrives you know you will have a good time, most likely with some shots in hand.

Django Kerseboom is our chief of drinks, who else could it be? Does Django really need an introduction? He is the fastest chugger of the whole of POLIS! And when it comes to a party, you know he will have to best outfit of the night. Combine these amazing looks with his dancing skills and you know the party has arrived when Django walks in.

Up next we have our lovely treasurer Eva Stas. If you need to pick one person to keep your money safe Eva is a good bet. She is always down to dance and have a good time, but when it is needed she can hold her own. If you are ever looking for a friendly face at the bar, Eva is your girl.

Janne Aerdts is our PR of this year. She will contact all the pubs imaginable. Janne is new to POLIS but fits in like she has been here for years. With her bubbly personality you know you will not be bored when she walks in. And if you are going to a party? Janne will be there!

Then it is time for another gentleman of this committee, Jort Lemmen. Jort joined the committee a bit late, however he came prepared. Having attended many parties, Jort knows how to have fun. If you put on the right song after just the right amount of beers, you will see all the amazing dance moves he has to offer.

Lucas van Vroonhoven is up next, he is inevitably our Chef BaCo. However, he is also the secretary. Two functions fit him well because he is always busy. But when the party starts he is ready to party. Do not be surprised if Lucas shows up in the weirdest outfit of the night, he takes pride in this achievement.

Then we have our lovely coordinator, Marc Verbeet. He is the only committee member who is not in his fourth year or higher yet, Marc luckily does match our veteran age limit. He is wise beyond his years when it comes to POLIS and welcomes any weird theme we throw his way. If you want to party, know you can always count on Marc!

And last, but definitely not least, Nina Flapper. As the youngest member of our committee Nina sure knows her way around a party. A goofy theme, the most flashy outfits or good songs, Nina always has your back. So if you see her walking in the bar, go say hi. Trust me, you will not regret it!

This fantastic bunch of people will be led to success by the one and only Emma van Dongen, our chair on duty. There are few people who come close to matching this girl's amount of POLIS experience, which is no surprise if you look at her track record. One board year, an impressive list of committees and countless parties later, we can count on Emma to provide everything we need for a year of incredible partying!

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