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The Study Trip Committee (STiP) is one of the most popular committees to be part of. The Study Trip Committee will organize a trip to a place which the committee can choose, this year to a country nearby. This committee takes more effort, but gives lots of appreciation. During the trip, some companies and the local university will be visited, but the most important element is to see as much of the destination in a small amount of time.

Due to COVID-19, we are not allowed to go on a lenghty, far-away trip. This year the study trip will be a 5-day trip to a nearby country.

Can POLIS go on an honest to goodness study trip this year? Who knows, but if we can, these are the people who will make it happen:

Our Chief of Drinks is Mees, one of our many first-year students. Although the current pandemic makes his job a tough one, I am more than confident that this guy will deliver us some legendary committee drinking memories. He is motivated to get going and to contribute to our main project: the trip. This guy is dubbed Zlatan Ibrahimović – his favourite football player - by his friends, because of his footballing ability and his ‘neusje voor de goal’.

Our Chief of BaCo is Willem, or ‘Wimpie’ as he is affectionately known, who is also a first-year member. He will be making sure we climb up the rankings and hopefully secure a nice finish in the Battle. Willem always shows up to everything STIP-related and that’s a trait you simply cannot hate. He says he has no idea how he ended up at Uni, yet he does recognise that PSV is the superior football club in the Netherlands, as any intellectual would.

Our treasurer is Sem. Yet another first-year student, Sem will take on arguably the most important task we have. She is the personification of what “a friendly face” looks like, and she will make sure our balance sheets look just as friendly at the end of the road. Not bankrupting the entire association with our project seems like a good way to go, doesn’t it? Give this girl any MARVEL movie to watch and she’ll be happy for hours.

Then there is Dona, a first-year member and one of our amazing internationals. Having had prior experience in organizing trips, her input will indubitably prove valuable down the road. She is a fun character to be around, and hopefully also a skilled baker. Dona was the first member to achieve enough crosses for her to be required to bring some self-made snacks to our next in-person meeting. Also, this self-proclaimed ‘little monkey’ has a knack for climbing practically everything, so look up if you ever need her!

Rounding out our line-up of first-year students is Filipa, one of our two public relations officers. Yet to miss any STIP activity, she is a very dedicated member who is down to represent the committee. That is exactly the type of energy you love to see and we’re more than glad to have her aboard on this adventure. Despite being Dutch-born and carrying the cheese nationality, Filipa still adds to our international arsenal because of her Portuguese heritage. She claims to have a faulty memory, so let’s make sure this study trip is one she can’t possibly forget!

Our second public relations officer is Bram, a second-year student who will chase down any- and everyone to get us the best deals this year. This guy is a wildcard, you never know what you’re going to get. All you know is that you’ll likely be laughing because of it. This man is German-born, Belgian-raised with a Dutch passport, which is only suited to a character as random as Bram’s. With his extensive knowledge of many a country, he will definitely manifest himself as an important piece in the STIP puzzle.

Our secretary is András, a returning member of the Study Trip committee and one of our international influences. This machine is always pondering on deep topics such as how to make the hidden word into an innuendo or how many respectable women he may be able to offer a seat in a Tesla. He will be taking all the minutes and handing out all the crosses. And since he looks like he could snap me in half with his 2 pinky fingers, you better all send in the hidden word!

Our coordinator is Sjoerd, a man who needs no introduction but deserves one either way. This POLIS veteran goes by many names: Sjoezoe, Sjouzani with a ball at his feet, and people may be forgiven for thinking his first name is ‘Adtje’. When you spot this man in the Boeka, he will always carry the facial expression of a man who just found €50 lying about on the floor, which is invaluable. Sjoerd also happens to be the POLIS member I have known for the longest time out of anyone, so having him as our coordinator makes me confident that we’re going to have a good time and a good study trip.

That brings me to our chairman for the year, which is me, Marc. As part of last year’s Yearbook committee, I became increasingly active on the POLIS scene and decided it was time to try my hand at leading a committee. However, with the skills, motivation and enthusiasm of this formidable committee, we’ll have to wait and see just who ends up leading whom. If you’re ever looking for me, odds are you will either find me in a fountain or in a zoom window, singing loudly into a camera.

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