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The Study Trip Committee (STiP) is one of the most popular committees to be part of. The Study Trip Committee will organize a trip to a place which the committee can choose, this year to a country outside of Europe. This committee takes more effort, but gives lots of appreciation. During the trip, some companies and the local university will be visited, but the most important element is to see as much of the destination in a small amount of time.

Welcome to the introduction of the STiP committee of this year! First I would like to say that this committee is an awesome one with 9 members!

Let me first introduce our secretary and vice-chairwomen Nienke. Nienke is an enthusiastic and intelligent women with great capabilities, the only hard thing to do for her is typing Laurens’ name correctly!

Secondly there is our Chief of Budget, Freek. Freek is a first year but looks way older. He has a hard time with the constant English speaking during the meetings and drinks and forgets certain words like cinnamon.

Then there is Mees, our Chief of BaCo. He’s currently recovering from a knee surgery, but that isn’t keeping him form coming to the meetings and the settle!

Lenne is our Chief of Drinks and we couldn’t have gotten a better one. She’s constantly texting other Chiefs of Drinks for a nice evening. Lenne was one of the members that came with the idea to go to South Korea.

Then our publicist, the first-year Kiara, a small girl with big thoughts. She knows exactly what she wants and how to make it happen. Unfortunately, she’s less good at kidnapping people.

The last three people in this committee are our public relations: Nikki, Laurens and Amirali.

Let’s start with Nikki, also a very enthusiastic member and great at a lot of things, except holding a water gun… Nikki is very fun to work with and we can hear her laughing from far away since the film making.

Laurens is the grandpa in this committee, the only one that’s been on a actual STiP. He has to teach us a lot of things, because we are too young. Due to his former board year, he can be very loud and be open about his feelings when things go differently.

Amirali, he is our one and only international but really fun. Every meeting is full of laughter if he’s there. He’s a man that can do everything and has connections all over the world, even in South Korea. The Study Trip Committee wouldn’t be complete without him!

Of course I can’t forget about our lovely coordinator, Maren. She keeps a great eye on the overall tasks, but she can also be a little chaotic. But all in all we are happy to have her.  And one thing is for sure, if Maren laughs, everyone laughs!

At last, Renée, the chairwoman. Last year I was chairwoman of Yearbook and suddenly I'm leading one of the biggest committees of POLIS. I’m very proud of these amazing members! I think the STiP committee of 2021-2022 is the best one POLIS ever had and we’re looking forward to making it an amazing study trip for all the members who are joining!

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