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The Study Trip Committee (STiP) is one of the most popular committees to be part of. The Study Trip Committee will organize a trip to a place which the committee can choose, this year to a country outside of Europe. This committee takes more effort, but gives lots of appreciation. During the trip, some companies and the local university will be visited, but the most important element is to see as much of the destination in a small amount of time.

We’re happy to introduce the STiP committee of 2022-2023! All of us travel fanatics are really excited to plan a great trip this year. 

Firstly, let us introduce our Vice-Chairperson, Tom. Hailing from Zeeland, Tom is no stranger to the island life, which he can no doubt translate to being an excellent guide in Cyprus (since the main difference is that Zeeland is a bit colder). He’s also a professional poet. 

Secondly, our Secretary is Pien. Her expertise in taking vivid and imaginative minutes and carefully managing the crosses system is only eclipsed by her miraculous skill to hide a hidden word way to well. 

Tertiary, Maud is our Treasurer (and a treasure of a person). Last time she was traveling, she was sick for the entire two weeks she was away. To make sure that doesn’t happen during STiP, were planning on giving her vitamins every hour or so starting a week before the trip (also as a science experiment, just to see what happens).

Kiki is our Chief of BaCo, she is managing the community challenges. Being an avid hockey player, Kiki is accustomed to running around while trying to keep her chaotic teammates in check, which is basically all you need while traveling too. 

A familiar face in the organization, Emma is our Chief of Drinks and fountain of knowledge pertaining anything and everything POLIS. She’s a former board member and almost a former master student, chilling with us while she waits for someone to grade her master thesis. She’ll call in every morning of the trip, even though she will be many time zones away, which shows real commitment to the committee!

As our flying goaly, Cerino is everywhere, a real chameleon when it comes to organizing the STiP or any drink, because he’s also our Vice-Chief of Drinks. He also has strong and very wrong opinions about carnaval since he’s from Limburg. 

Coordinating it all is Myrthe, the Treasurer of the board of the study association. She’s planning on getting a tattoo of all the members of the STiP committee whilst in Cyprus, we’re still trying to talk her out of it. Myrthe is also amazing with money, which is great because she needs to budget all our outlandish activity ideas for the trip and keep us sensible.

Lastly, I’m Kars. This year I’m Chairperson of this beautiful group of travelers, and I’m also one of the trust persons of the association. Last study trip, I almost got stuck on an active volcano so I’m planning to not go near any lava this trip around. It makes me very happy that I can help build an unforgettable STiP together with you all.

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