Meet our


When you hear STiP you must be thinking that’s a group of well traveled people and that is definitely the case. When you mix that with GMSI and OMS you have curious people who want to know a lot about the world and if that involves going international; you know that they will be jumping with joy to go worldwide, and drink but that’s besides the point for now…

Let’s start off with our Secretary, “she used to play around the world now she is around the world getting paid.” This can be no other than Maud, not only is she our secretary she is also part of the lovely board. The right hand woman of M(r)/(s) worldwide. Making our notes up to date full of details (or lack of sometimes) and shine like no other, one may say they are the lyrics of our STiP. But this musical talent goes even further than you may expect. The songs are to be heard in the showers and also the Boekanier where everyone can enjoy (or pretend to) the vocals. As she is already familiarized with the STiP X M(r)/(s) worldwide tour you know we can count on her.

Next up we have our Vice. “He’s gon’ boogie oogie oogie wiggle and dance, like the roof on fire” For those who couldn’t already tell, this person has a talent for “dance” and though the rest do their best this person could be said to have incluckable talent. This is of course Koen. Now Koen is that one backup singer/dancer that sometimes sings a little too loud when it comes down to it but even with the mic muted he shines through. Unless he has a raging hangover then you hear complaints and even more than usual bathroom visits. But his dedication in itself shows that he can not be missed in a M(r)/(s) worldwide production.

Moving onto our Treasure, “forget about our bills and the first of the month, it’s my night, your night, our night, let’s turn it up” I can say for sure she will not be forgetting about the bills but turning it up is something she will do also as part of the board you can count on her like “uno dos tres quatro”. Any good song there is you know she will be the first to start vibing this can only be Sibi of course. Unless it is her chug song (Low, by flo rida), then you will see her running away. When it comes down to it she does mean serious business, but the moment she lets loose and the meeting has passed she is having the time of her life.

Then we go to the head of PR, “ask for money and get advise, ask for advice, get money twice” while PR is not about asking for money but is about asking for knowledge and visits of organizations. This person definitely enjoys the moments while often is said to not be able to be there he shows up and is the life of the party. This is our wonderful Karim. He is filled with ideas and has a way with words, that includes being able to roast us as a committee. Yet this way with words will come to great use for setting up organization visits and activities. He is truly a Karim (Jack) of all trades. Not only is he good with words he is also a great actor and good in the kitchen, and always has places to be. Is most likely to be the secret spy in our committee so if anything about our M(r)/(s) worldwide production is leaked, or we suddenly have info about some other irrelevant tour, he was our man.

Our next member who helps put this show together is our head of research. “You can catch me boy, I’m overseas about a hundred G’s per show” though we didn’t initially catch her, she definitely came around and joined us in this production, this of course is Amber. Despite having a more formal role in the committee and joining a little later she is definitely committed. Being there at the borrels and doing challenges as a team player, a little convincing with her can go a long way. She is the person who rereads the lyrics to make sure they actually rhyme and check the facts to make sure they are correct. Being thorough with her job but also goes by the saying work hard party harder. She is the person who you would not always expect to see out at night but I can say if she goes out, she is going out.

This performance would be incomplete without our Chief of Drinks and BaCo. “We gon’ drink drinks and take shots until we fall out” She is what connects us advertising fun drinks and games like no other, of course this is Qwen. Sending in more DP for borrels than ones M(r)/(s) worldwide sends for meetings, you can definitely see where the priority lies. When you think it’s necessary for there to be a crate of drinks ready you know she thought ahead and brought two. Keeping us busy and making the play harder part of the quote definitely shines through. Connecting us as the STiP with other committees planning the locations of our next tour (borrels) and keeping us all on top of that. If you ever lose her on a night out make sure to check she is not sleeping in the Tropical, or on some random bench in the city. With a variety of different outfits she is down to have a good theme party pulling out all the stops, and we love her for that.

Lastly we got me (Bente), M(r)/(s) worldwide, Chairwoman of STiP, “let’s show em why they call me Mr. Worldwide” while you may think I need to study you best know I’m in the lecture booking flights or looking at places to go. When anyone mentions a drink in any case I’m in, no doubt and no need to convince me otherwise. Procrastination is key in this case unless we talk about the STiP then I’m down to planning it all at once with my truly lovely committee. Living in different countries and different cities I try to embody Mr. Worldwide, for those who are still unsure about this reference watch our wonderful announcement video:)