Meet our


The SportsCom is a committee which has the goal to organize three sport- related activities. The SportsCom combines sport with informality and/or formality, this makes the committee very diverse. The SportsCom has become an icon within our association, because the events are very popular. During the year, you will organize a futsal tournament in which the department of OMS also participates, an event in the evening and of course the famous Super Tuesday, which is the very last activity of the year!
To begin with we have our first year Anne and she is our Secretary. She is amazing at running an event, but also running as in atlethics. She even competes in the Dutch Championships. Of course, with all this speed, she is the perfect secretary, as typing goes as well for her as running.

Kiara is our Chief of BaCo and is the gymrat of the committee. She is probably stronger than most of the POLIS members, but unfortunately for her Gerben will always have a bigger ass. As people saw with the Paddle Tournament she is really competitive so Chief of BaCo is right up her alley.

Filipa is our Chief of Drinks and plays football. With the third half she always wins, so that is why she is the best Chief of Drinks without a doubt. This does sometimes result in lesser performance on the pitch, but she always wants to win (a pitcher).

Maud is our Coordinator and plays volleyball and squash, but also likes to ski and ice skate. With these sports you have to anticipate on everything that happens or can happen. She is therefore good at controlling and predicting everything. Because of her you cannot forget a meeting!

Myrthe is our Treasuer and plays water polo. After one full year of being a treasurer we were doubting, but we trusted her enough to be the moneywoman of the SportsCom. With water polo, things can get tough and mean, so that’s why we need this pitbull in our committee to win.

Roel is our Chameleon and plays football aswell, but also does ice hockey and motocross. He is a true champion, as a dislocates shoulder does not stop him for giving it all! He is also doing a board year at SAM and because he is so all-round, the role of chameleon suits him well.

Amber is also our Chameleon and loves to do fitness or running. The strength and cardio combination is a great addition. Now she just needs to get her coordination right, but we as committee will do our best for that. In addition to her sports life, she is the praeses (chairwoman) of SAM, giving this committee plenty of experience!

And to wrap it all up it’s me, Cerino the Chairman. I love to take a (sporty) challenge and thats why I do running, cycling, football and padel. It’s my first year as a chairman so I’m trying hard to create great and fun events with this amazing committee. And we hope to inspire everyone to go sporting with a friend or POLIS member.