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The SportsCom is a committee which has the goal to organize three sport- related activities. The SportsCom combines sport with informality and/or formality, this makes the committee very diverse. The SportsCom has become an icon within our association, because the events are very popular. During the year, you will organize a futsal tournament in which the department of OS also participates, an event in collaboration with the CommuniCie and of course the famous Super Tuesday, which is the very last activity of the year!

Boris: Former board member, current Chief of Drinks and BaCo and future exchange student. With Boris in the committee we lack experience nor drinks. Sadly he will leave us after the first event to explore Slovenia, is he all done looking at Dutch women? Either way, we enjoyed his company and wisdom and we wish him the best of luck.

Stanley: Chief of Drinks and BaCo is definitely a two-men job and who else would be better to step in than Stanley? No challenge too crazy, no dare too wild. With Stanley in the committee we are assured of the most creative ideas and the best shot at a BaCo victory.

Laura: Being more calm and collected than most of the rest of the committee (read: not a menace), it takes time for one to get to know Laura. When you do, plenty of talents are to be discovered like chugging a beer at 11 in the morning or rocking the Publicist function by designing kick-ass posters. We are eager to discover more...

Stef: Straight out of Lilo & Stitch, comes the first year Stef. Looking and behaving like the stereotypical chill surf instructor he is, the committee welcomes their Public Relations expert. With his charms, how could any company refuse our requests?

Eva: Being the current world record holder for slowest responder on WhatsApp, Eva is worth the wait nonetheless. As our Treasurer she has gotten away quite easily up till now. Nevertheless she has shown eagerness and joyfulness during meetings, drinks and events (being especially good at provoking an adtje des towards herself during drinking games). Will she be up to the job however at the end of the year, when she has to be the treasurer of one of the biggest events of POLIS?

Bram: Who would be better suited as the committee's Vice-chairman and Secretary than the man who is known for being late and collecting crosses?... wait... moving on. Yet, the eye may deceive, as Bram is sharper and more witty than he makes you believe. While his minutes may be messy you got to give it to him, they are thorough while at the same time, being the social character he is, Bram manages to bring life to the meetings (and of course also the drinks).

Marc: And then there is Marc.

Tristan: And to wrap up there is me. This committee has had the bad luck of having me assigned to them as their Chairman. I am quiet at times, with obnoxious talkative energy spikes at other occasions and I want to thank my committee for putting up with this as I try to be formal. What has come of meetings so far due to my character? Well, they have been unorganized as I enter them half-prepared, yet somehow they seem effective, so I do not intend on changing this winning strategy :)

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