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The SportsCom is a committee which has the goal to organize three sport- related activities. The SportsCom combines sport with informality and/or formality, this makes the committee very diverse. The SportsCom has become an icon within our association, because the events are very popular. During the year, you will organize a futsal tournament in which the department of OS also participates, an event in the evening and of course the famous Super Tuesday, which is the very last activity of the year!

To start, Joes is our Personal Relations officer, and a great football player as he showed during the FUTSAL event. An amazing team player which fits perfectly with the role of Personal Relations. He is responsible for the contacts with the companies that we work with during the events. Joes also likes to go out on a weekday, where he can make some more relationships. 

Daphne is our Chief of BaCo, and also plays football in her free time. Daphne is a warrior on the pitch and that makes her a great Chief of BaCo, because she will lead us to more points for the competition. She also knows a Dutch champion in a sport, which might help us with the next event…

Tessa is our Treasurer and plays hockey in her free time. At her hockey club, she is responsible for the kissing web, where she is very precise with the connections she makes. That preciseness makes her a great Treasurer!

Sem is our Coordinator and also plays hockey. At her club she manages the team and at POLIS she tries to manage the committee. If only they would respond to her messages. Nonetheless, Sem stays motivated and positive all the time. A big compliment to her patience. 

Rutger is our Chief of Drinks and also plays hockey, although no one gets to see it since it is a little village that he plays in. Rutger had a great start as the Chief of Drinks, with the first drink to be cancelled. But you can’t get Rutger down, he directly organized the second (or the first one that will take place) within a week!

Lenne is our Secretary and plays volleyball. Lenne was so focused on writing down the rules for crosses that she got the first cross within 20 seconds. As she finished the sentence: “You can not look at your phone during meetings when it is not meeting related.”, she did. So Lenne likes to give herself some work to do, like writing down the amount of crosses. 

And then there is me, the Chairman. My name is Henk and I am a football player. I would not say I am a great player but I did score the winning goal during the FUTSAL event. This is my second year at POLIS and my first year being a Chairman. My job is to keep everyone motivated and involved in the process. But there are no worries managing a committee like this!

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