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The SportCom is a committee which has the goal to organize three sport- related activities. The SportCom combines sport with informality and/or formality, this makes the committee very diverse. The SportCom has become an icon within our association, because the events are very popular. You will organize a smaller sport related event, an event with the department and of course the famous Su-per Tuesday, which is the very last activity of the year!

In times of Corona, lockdowns and quarantine, nothing is more important than to stay healthy. What way better to do this than by sporting! In order to keep all POLIS members fit, this year’s SportCom will organise various events. Let me introduce you to this motivated and, of course, very sporty group of people who will be responsible for this.

First of all, let me introduce you to our PR Rebecca. Even though she’s busy all the time, she always makes time for our committee (and teach me how to properly organise a zoom-meeting). That’s not all she can do because her team ended up being the best at our first event: Battle Bowling. That certainly deserves some credit!

Secondly, we have our Chief of Drinks Sven. However, in these times where fun committee drinks aren’t always allowed, Sven has also taken on the responsibility of Chief of BaCo. So 1 committee member with 2 tasks you say? Nothing is too much for this guy. He’s also really sporty, he goes to the gym and used to play hockey and tennis.

Then we have our secretary Laura. She makes sure that all decisions are written down in her minutes so we don’t forget them afterwards. Laura is also the creative mastermind responsible for our unique T-shirt design this year, because when you have a beautiful logo like us, why make it small?

The money will be handled by our most experienced committee member, our treasurer Zofia. She already was a treasurer last year, so the role surely fits her well. With the experience she has being part of a committee within POLIS, she’s really important for us to prepare the events in the best way possible!

Let’s not forget about lovely board member Ramon. As the coordinator of our committee, he’s always ready to help and answer questions. We couldn’t wish for someone better! (except for maybe Tom, Josse, Sjoerd, Boris or Laurens)

And lastly, we have me David, the chairman of this year’s SportCom. As being a first-year in both Tilburg University and in POLIS, I’m a bit new to everything. Luckily I have my amazing committee to support me and organise all the events. Our first event was already a big success and I’m sure the others will be as well!

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