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The Promotion Committee (Promo) will show your friends and family what it’s like to study Organization Studies or Global Management of Social Issues and to be a member of POLIS. You will organize a family day, and a bring- your-friends cantus. At the end of the year, you will also create a POLIS-gadget that all the members of the association can order.

It is an honor to introduce to you, the Promotion Commitee of 2022/2023! During this year we will do our very best to bring you the best party, familyday and THE promo-POLIS gadget. Hope to see you all soon!

Starting with Tristan. Tristan is our Chef for this year, also known as the Chief of Drinks. He is absolutely perfect for this role. Not only because of his widely appreciated jokes, but he also always has a spot for a drink, thanks on behalf of all of us ;).

Then there is Sven, our Treasurer! She has not been very lucky at the beginning of this year, since our committee had the Fuck-It kruisje system, next to the normal kruisje-system. To save him from all the punishments that go with these regulations, we now save him a little more than before. Since Sven is so talented, he also is the Chief Baco of our committee. He is really motivated this year to push everyone to their highest level in completing the assignments, and with success so far! 

Then there is our PR, who is always in for a drink: Anka! She suits this role perfect because of her great influencing and communication skills. Anka is already in her third year of her study and is specialized in fixing all of the to-do’s that has to be done.

Our one and only Seccie: Mara! After a board-year at POLIS, it goes without saying that she is an absolute asset to our committee. Mara writes the best stories in the minutes, something to look forward to every meeting.

Last, we have our Coordinator, Sem! Always enthusiastic and ready for a pleasant conversation or a night out. Despite her being busy with her membership of the board, she will always make time to help you with all the things that has to be done for our events!

Finally, there is me, Morris as Chairman! Since the commitment of all my members has been amazing so far, I know we won’t have trouble to make our events the best they could be! See you at our events!!

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