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The Promotion Committee (Promo) will show your friends and family what it’s like to study Organization Studies or Global Management of Social Issues and to be a member of POLIS. You will organize a family day, and a bring- your-friends cantus. At the end of the year, you will also create a POLIS-gadget that all the members of the association can order.

Hi everyone! This years Promo Committee is a very experienced group that works great together and has lots of good ideas. So fun fact, we do not have one specific secretary since no one really wanted that task however our coordinator is literally the secretary of POLIS, so now we just rotate so everyone has to do the task at least once which works surprisingly great for us :) We also really enjoy a good party together! So let me introduce all members to you:

First off is our chief of BaCo Gwenda. She makes sure we fulfill as many challenges as possible and keeps us posted on the scores. This is her first year as an active member and she travels almost 3 hours, all the way from the top of the Noord-Holland to join our meetings. She also has a hidden talent that we had know idea of until recently, she can solve a Rubik's cube!

Our publicist is Renée, she is very creative and with that talent she creates beautiful posters for the promotion of our events. She makes sure everything is ready to be published when we want to promote an new event. She is always in for a laugh and loves to party, she is a true 'Brabander'. With all of her fun stories about her nights out she keeps us entertained during the meetings. But most importantly she always has a good discount for us when we join for dinner with the committee at the restaurant she works.

Next up we have our amazing duo Sjoerd and Marijana. They both really wanted to be chief of drinks and organize some fun evenings for the committee but that meant that they also had to be treasurer. Both of them have been in a former board so they sure have the experience we need. Marijana loves a good party where she can dance to some good music but somehow she manages to never get drunk herself, which is something the rest of the committee can learn from ;)
Sjoerd is the party himself and is famous for his 'adtje Sjoerd', he will never pass on the chance to chug a beer while everyone around him shouts his name. So Sjoerd and Marijana are the perfect duo for the chief of drinks.

The task of public relations is in the hands of Josse. He is the one who makes sure the people we need for an event will be there and of course, maintains a good relation between the committee and these persons. He is also a very experienced POLIS member, the most experienced of the committee actually, and knows a lot of people from all of his years studying in Tilburg. With all of this knowledge he has gathered over the years he is always able to pull some strings and get us some great deals for our events. His random fun fact is that he met Gordon Ramsay in a club in Hong Kong, how cool is that?!

Sascha is the coordinator of the group. She keeps us all in line and makes sure we meet all the topics during our meetings. She also takes care of all of the 'not so fun' stuff and serious business that needs to be done. Besides all the serious stuff she has to take care of, she is always the first one to get some midnight snacks after a great night of going out. So no need to be hungry after partying all night when you're with her.

Lastly there is me, Ellis, a very blessed chairman with such a great committee. This is only my second year of being an active member and my first year as a chairman. At first I didn't want to be a chairman since I thought it would be a lot of work but when I heard who would be in my committee I instantly changed my mind. This committee is definitely a great opportunity to practice as a chairman because all members are a great help! And of course I too love a good party (with a lot of schrobbelèr), just like the rest of the committee.

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