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The Promotion Committee (Promo) will show your friends and family what it’s like to study Organization Studies or Global Management of Social Issues and to be a member of POLIS. You will organize a family day, and a bring- your-friends cantus. You will also choose a gadget, that all the members of the association can order at the end of the year.

Hi there! The PROMO committee will make sure that POLIS receives the attention it deserves! Let’s introduce you to the beloved PROMO committee members.

Starting off with Maggy, besides studying and being a member of POLIS she loves to spend time with her horse, to travel and of course to party. Since she is responsible for our external affairs it’s quite convenient that she is very spontaneous and enthusiastic. Even though she does not live in Tilburg, she makes sure to be present.

Secondly our youngest member Joes, he keeps his head cool while being surrounded by all our female committee members. In his spare time, he likes to play soccer, to chill with his friends and to go out. Since he is our chief of drinks it is no surprise that he is always up for a party. He is very enthusiastic and puts effort in our committee.

Next up is Maren, in her spare time she loves to work out and sport (especially if drinking is considered a sport) and to watch movies. She’s very independent, helpful and sees the fun in things. She hopefully also sees the fun in being our treasurer. Her creativity made sure that we have the most PROMINENT polo shirt design for our committee.

Following Isa, she is funny, reliable and pro-active. Her pro-activity is very much appreciated when we are brainstorming for new ideas. She brought up the fantastic idea to organize our music bingo. She is also the BaCo chief and motivates us to participate in the challenges. In her free time, she likes to play hockey.

Moving onto Lisa, she’s the type of girl that is not afraid to go “naar de getver”. She is very open, social and relaxed. When she isn’t partying or studying, she likes to watch Netflix from the comfort of her bed. Lisa and Maren teamed up stands for fun, since they got the party started during the online music bingo. She is also responsible for our beautiful committee shirt.

Next is Zara, she loves dancing which is not unimportant when you like visiting the “kroeg”. She is very determined, honest and flexible. Since she is our Secretary it is very much appreciated that she pays attention during the meetings and writes down the important things. Without her, things would be much more chaotic!

Then introducing Boris, our guiding star and coordinator, without him our committee would be lost. He is very spontaneous, helpful and ambitious. Even though he is very busy with his board year, he makes sure to make time for our committee which we all appreciate. Boris also knows how to party well and is not averse to “borrelen”.

Lastly, I will introduce myself, I am Juul. Since this is my first experience as a chairwoman, I can be quite chaotic. However, I already have learned a lot from Boris and my fellow committee members. I’m very happy with this fun and at the right time serious committee. I’m looking forward to making memories together and to organize another successful event! 😊

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