Meet our


The Promotion Committee (Promo) will show your friends and family what it’s like to study Organization Studies or Global Management of Social Issues and to be a member of POLIS. You will organize a family day, and a bring- your-friends cantus. At the end of the year, you will also create a POLIS-gadget that all the members of the association can order.

Meet Bas, our Chief of BaCo, adding a dose of humor to our committee. With his funny remarks, he makes our meetings way more enjoyable. But Bas is not just about jokes; he’s also seriously dedicated to the team, contributing smart ideas.

The Coordinator of our committee is Bas (also known as Bum). He always surprises us with his enthusiasm during the meetings (even when he’s hungover). When Bum is not at the Pk, you can probably find him at the Lidl, where he makes sure that he isn’t bankrupt by the end of his board year. 

Then there is Tessa, our PR. With her great communication skills and enthusiasm, she clearly is a good asset to the committee. Unfortunately Tessa was absent during our fist event, but don’t worry, She will be at the other event to entertain you!

Next up is our first year Fee. she’s our Secretary and makes sure the minutes are complete so the committee is always up to date. It is important to make sure that you are on good terms with Fee, since she is in charge of the crosses and punishment system. 

We continue with Frens. He has appointed himself ‘borrelkoning’ and is therefore also the committee’s Chief of Drinks. He always gathers committees to have fun drinks with. However, sometimes we do have to put in a lot of effort to get him drinking, especially when we have a ‘shotjes meeting’ or he has to do a shotgun for the Baco. Besides that, he lives up to his name most of the time. 

And finally Pascalle, our treasurer. She makes sure to keep track of the expenses and income of the committee. With her precision and dedication, the finances are always up to date. She knows what needs to be done, since this is her 3 year as a POLIS member

And then, there is me. I’m Jans and I have the honor to be this year’s Chairwoman of the Promotion Committee. I’m sure that, with this committee, we will make fun and memorable events during the year, so make sure to be there!