Meet our


The ProfCom has the goal to get students in touch with the working field of Organization and Management Studies and Global Management of Social Issues. You and your fellow committee members will organize two career-oriented activities that will cover both fields of study in at least one of the activities. One of them will be a workshop, and the other event will be a one-day congress. This committee offers a great opportunity to get in touch with companies related to Organization and Management Studies and Global Management of Social Issues.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to Lissa. She is the PR officer of this committee and is in her first active year at POLIS. When Lissa is not with POLIS or studying, she is probably at Vidar rowing or flirting with ‘vestjes’.  She fits right in with the rest of the committee since she can hold her liquor and is an incredibly fun person to be hanging around with.

Next up is Stanley, our Chief of Drinks. Stanley might be a member of the board but for this committee he is back to being a normal member. Our very own POLIS graffiti artist offered up his services for the ProfCom to help organize some great events. Stanley has the ability to be nonchalant and passionate at the same time, which is a trade I still don’t understand but greatly admire.

Moving on to our Treasurer; Cerino. He is in charge of the money side of things for ProfCom, which he does great. (that’s funny, because it is a big contrast with his irresponsible spendings at the bar). Cerino is always working, either in de Brandpunt, or as chair for his second committee; SportCom, even for us he earns his way extra by filling in as secretary now and then. He is also a jack of all trades and can play almost every sport (He still needs a bit of practice with padel though). He is also the founding father of the adtje ProfCom (Maud is very happy with this)

Up next is our lovely Coordinator, Maud. Maud makes sure that this committee of professional drinkers stays in check. She is the responsible parent of the ProfCom and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. She is not afraid to stick her neck out and can work together with almost everyone. Socially she is a very uplifting person to be around, and she loves to do an adtje ProfCom (So make sure to ask if she wants to do one next time you see her).

Then there is Tom, our Co-Chairman and secretary. Tom is a great friend and will always be there for you when you need him. He is Co-chair of this committee because he is also chair of the Event Committee, where he organises some of the most famous POLIS events like the stadhuisstraatcantus. Tom is a great leader and will always shoot straight with you, however his throwing aim is terrible, and you should definitely not ask Lissa about that.

And last but certainly not least, there is the other Co-Chairman Jord. He is also called Jogt or other nicknames that are against the code of conduct, depending on which POLIS member you ask. He is always in for a good ‘shotjesmeeting’ and he keeps the spirits (also in terms of booze) high in meetings and at events. He is chairing the Excursion as well, so he is a busy man. But with his gap year he has time enough. Good for his personal development I would say. Not so good for his bank account.