Meet our

Member Weekend

The Member Weekend Committee oversees organizing a fun weekend for the members of POLIS, consisting of games and other fun activities. This weekend is always centred around a theme, which the committee can choose themselves. If you want to contribute to creating a legendary weekend which is sure to create long-lasting memories, this is the committee to go to!

Starting with our Chief of Drinks, we have Kars. The most important role of the committee, without him we do not have any drinks at all! His creative drinks are the only thing keeping me warm in winter. Furthermore will his Jiujitsu come in handy by putting all annoying drunk people back to bed during the weekends!

Then there is Isa. Our Secretary. Mostly known for her Irish Goodbyes unfortunately. Still figuring out how to type quickly enough. However when it comes to crosses she’s there in no time. Last year she was my chairman, so she has some authoritarian issues, but she will work on it.

Then we have our one and only first year and Chief of a committee I refuse to say: Sanne! We have a lot of points to make up to since our current place is last and our always happy and fanatic Sanne will definitely help us with that! Just as stated in this famous song: A good start is half of the work, but a good start is only half.

With the PR of this year we have Nikki. She is the one who will make sure that every company is contacted on time and lets hope she can score some discounts as well! She was with me in the committee last year so I know that I only can expect great things from her side.

Then all the way from Oslo until February we have our Treasurer Babette! She will handle all the money business which she should have become an expert in, since a beer in Oslo costs almost 9 euros! With her experience within POLIS we are happy to have her during the weekend.

And luckily for us we have not one but two Coordinators. Our first coordinator is Niek. Niek is known for being one of if not the biggest party person within Tilburg as I have seen him either drunk or hungover since he started his board year. However, he also knows when to switch into a more serious version of himself and is my right hand leading this committee.

Maud, or as we call her mother Maud is our bonus Coordinator and will jump in if something is unclear. She is our cameleon this year and of course adds a lot of ‘Gezelligheid’ in our committee.

I almost forgot to introduce myself… I am Gerben and proud Chairman of this committee. Mostly known for stupid stories of when I got myself too drunk, but do not worry I will behave during Member Weekend and watch out for you guys! I hope to see you all during our amazing weekend this year and believe me, looking at this team, we will make it a great weekend!