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The Member Weekend Committee oversees organizing a fun weekend for the members of POLIS, consisting of games and other fun activities. This weekend is always centred around a theme, which the committee can choose themselves. If you want to contribute to creating a legendary weekend which is sure to create long-lasting memories, this is the committee to go to!

Let me start off with my right hand Qwen. She is our judge, our lawyer, our clerk but most of all our dedicated Secretary. No cross goes past her and no comment goes unnoted. And not to mention, she never misses an opportunity to have a drink or a party with us so as you all get, we couldn’t miss her.

Bas is our banker (Treasurer). With ultimate precision, he keeps track of every cent spent for us. The word fraud is not in Bas's dictionary, that's how meticulous he is. It seems that he is even going to make our greatest wish come true but what that is we will keep secret for the time being. Although I can tell you that when it comes true it will be the greatest achievement of this POLIS year.

Jans is our Chief of TWMNBN ( they who must not be named).  The challenges are graded, prepared, planned by her and she never misses an opportunity to get points. Although she occasionally needs some encouragement and reminding from the rest of the committee. But we take that for granted with the nicest and youngest member of our committee and our association.

Floortje is our Public Relations Officer. Whether it's creating promotional materials, contacting our partners or arranging a great discount with one of our suppliers, Floortje does it all. And not to forget, Floortje is always cheerful, really the pacesetter of the group.

Manon is our Chief of Drinks, or how we know her: the Drinks Queen. Whether it's a color drink, Bon Bini themed party or a plank dinner, for Manon nothing is too crazy or non achievable. We've already had three awesome get-togethers and with every next edition the level gets even higher. You understand, you want to be there, so send Manon a message and who knows, maybe next time you'll be standing in your best outfit drinking (ahem, mingling) with us.

And finally, Sem, our beloved Coordinator. Sem is super busy and therefore not so great at keeping up with all the lame obligations like the hidden-word and being on time at meetings. We regret that, because Sem is so nice to have around! Nobody is a positive like her and the way that girl can drink, wow. Sem, we are super blessed to have a Coordinator like you and we love you!

Oh yes, I will also introduce myself. My name is Freek and my job this year is to create a fantastic member weekend with this motley crew as Chairman! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else but them. Hopefully we will see you in May as well! Trust me, you want to be there. ;-)

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