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The Member Weekend Committee oversees organizing a fun weekend for the members of POLIS, consisting of games and other fun activities. This weekend is always centred around a theme, which the committee can choose themselves. If you want to contribute to creating a legendary weekend which is sure to create long-lasting memories, this is the committee to go to!

Hello hello everybody! With lots of pride and joy I introduce you to the Member Weekend Committee. Our committee contains mostly familiar faces, together with some new ones. We hope that this year we can bring you the best weekend along with all of your POLIS friends.

First off we have our treasurer: Benthe. Benthe is a lovely and outgoing girl and going out for a drink with her never gives you a boring time. She also loves playing games and is only a little competitive.

Next up we have Sacha, our PR. To expand her skills, she really wanted to be our PR. Next to already focusing on her future, she is also a very sweet girl and really nice to go out with.

Our Chief of Drinks is the lovely Roos! Roos is very creative, both outside and in our committee. This is why I really advise every other Chief of Drinks to plan a ‘borrel’ with our committee because Roos has made the best board game to play!

David is our Chief of BaCo. He is one of the two guys between all the girls in our committee. To make sure our committee has the most BaCo points he made us do the chubby bunny challenge with ‘pepernoten’.

Our secretary is Deniz, our second guy committee member! Deniz isn’t the most present person at the meetings and filling out the ‘datumprikker’ is also not his best thing. However, he has a very fun personality and is a real good addition to the group because of this.

As coordinator we have the lovely Julia! When describing Julia, the first thing that comes to mind is talkative. She brings a lot of enthusiasm to our meetings and I am really happy to have her as our coordinator.

And, last but not least I’ll introduce myself. I am Elise and I think I am the most chaotic yet organized person to ever exist. This often leads to a lot of not-committee-related conversations during our meetings. I am very happy to be the Chair of this committee, with all these lovely people and hope to bring you all a great Member Weekend with loads of enthusiasm :))

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