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This is a committee especially for (pre-)master students. You will organize two events for the almost graduated students of POLIS. One activity will be the Business Dinner and the other activity will be the Undercover Recruitment Event. Both events provide the opportunity for students to get in touch with potential new employers and share their knowledge and experiences.

But who are the ‘Masterminds' of this committee? 

Sara is our secretary. With her neat and tidy way of working, she brings the necessary structure into the committee. But maybe even more important, she is an amazing cook who cooks us the nicest dinners. Currently, this lovely Finish lady is busy with her Master of Sociology, Politics, Policy and Society in Comparative Perspective. 

Shanna is also a sociology master’s student, enrolled in the Master of Sociology, Politics, Policy and Societal Development. When you are at a POLIS event and you hear an Australian accent, you know that you have found her. In that case, do not hesitate to start a conversation, because she will always be happy to talk to you. With her brightful personality and her good ideas she is essential for our committee. 

Filipa is our coordinator, which makes her the crucial link between us and the Board. Despite the fact that she has a busy schedule, she will always try to be there and help us. Besides the fact that this presence is important for the operations of the committee, she also brings a lot of fun to the table which creates a great atmosphere. 

Fleur has the honour to be chairwoman of this lovely committee. Now, she is a master’s student in Data Science, but after a bachelor’s in Organization studies and three years at the association she couldn’t yet say goodbye to POLIS. She is, together with her fellow committee members, very excited and determined to organize two amazing events that will be a great experience for students as well as companies.

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