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This is a committee especially for (pre-)master students. You will organize two events for the almost graduated students of POLIS. The first activity will be the Business Dinner and the second activity will be the Undercover Recruitment Event. Both events provide the opportunity for students to get in touch with po-tential new employers and share their knowledge and experiences.

Hi everyone,

This year the Master Committee will organize two events to connect the (pre-)master students with the work field: Undercover Recruitment Event & Business Dinner. With the help of those events, the students hopefully get to know what kind of organization they want to work for, in the near future.

Those events cannot be realized without a decent team, which consists of seven people. Let’s start with introducing the women.

Loes was part of last year's MaC as well, but due to COVID-19, she was only able to organize one event. Her experience can help us in organizing the events as efficiently as possible. She lives in Breda, which is really close to Tilburg. Together with Sander, she is our treasurer, so the two of them are responsible for the money.

Melinda is originally from Frankfurt, but a couple of years ago she chose the Netherlands over Germany and lives in the beautiful Tilburg now. She is responsible for BaCo and Borrel, where I think she is born for.

Laura is somehow able to write everything down we say during meetings, which makes her the perfect secretary. She manages to combine her busy side-job with her premaster, which makes her a multitasker at its finest. She lives in Dongen, which is also not far from Tilburg.

Eva likes to talk and is creative. The combination of those two qualities leads to very good communication with the public. Therefore, I think she is perfect for the Public Relations-function. She lives in Weert but is often “studying” on the campus in Tilburg as well.

Now I will introduce our manpower:

Sander is, as I mentioned before, this year's treasurer together with Loes. With his experience from another committee, he can help us in organizing the events very efficiently. He lives in Tilburg as well.

Laurens is this year’s board member and coordinator of our committee. He forms the link between the board and the committee and helps us a lot with knowledge about POLIS. Also, with his connections and expertise, he is helping us in organizing the event as best as possible.

Lastly, there is grandpa Sander (myself). I am the chairman of this committee and with my years of experience (25 years) and leadership skills, I will try to lead these awesome members as best as possible. I live, of course, in Tilburg as well!

Together we want to organize the events as best as possible. We are trying to organize both events physically, but if COVID-19 won’t let us, we will do it online and do everything we can to get the best out of it. Hopefully, we will see you all at the events!

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