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This is a committee especially for (pre-)master students. You will organize two events for the almost graduated students of POLIS. One activity will be the Business Dinner and the other activity will be the Undercover Recruitment Event. Both events provide the opportunity for students to get in touch with potential new employers and share their knowledge and experiences.

“Small groups of people can have a really huge impact”, this quote fits this year’s Master Committee really well!
Except for our supervising board member, we are all first year’s students at Tilburg University following a Pre-Master in Organization Studies. Together we strive to make an impact on the students and organizations with the events we are organizing. So, who is we?

Starting with Roos, who is occupying the roles of secretary as well as chief Chief of BaCo, I think we can all agree that she is a very positive-minded person. If there is a party it is very likely that Roos will be present, however, beforehand she will make sure to feed her committee well with her lovely pasta bolognese.

Daan is the ‘money man’ and is responsible for our budget. In addition, he is the only man in this committee, and makes sure to stick to business. He is knowledgeable about wines and most likely will never turn down an opportunity to drink one, or two..

Our supervising board member is Mara. She is very excited to organize this year’s events and with her great network she is a very valuable addition to this year’s committee.

Then there is me, my name is Noa and I was granted the opportunity to be the chairwoman of this amazing bunch of motivated people. I am very excited to organize the upcoming events, and provide a memorable experience to both students and organizations. Together with my fellow committee members I have no doubt other than that we will succeed in doing so!

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