Meet our


This committee organizes activities especially for (pre-)master students. You will organize two events for the almost graduated students of POLIS. One activity will be the Business Dinner and the other activity will be an event of their choice. Both events provide the opportunity for students to get in touch with potential new employers and share their knowledge and experiences.

But who are the ‘Masterminds’ of this committee?

Laurens has plenty of experience in organizing activities from his board year at FLOW. As a pre-master Organization & Management Studies student and active member of FLOW, he is a busy bee. Despite that, he is fully present in the committee with his fun ideas and stories. Laurens always makes us laugh and helps us structure our meetings and keep track of our progress with his role of secretary. Besides that, Laurens is also responsible for keeping up with the BaCo challenges.

Our lovely Pia has the role of Treasurer and is chief of drinks for the master committee. With Pia’s creativity and happy personality, she enthuses us every meeting. Besides being part of the Master Committee, Pia does her pre-master in Sociology and can be found in Groningen or Germany to see her loved ones. She can also be seen on the occasional POLIS event, where she would be happy to have a drink with you and practice her Dutch!

Niek has the luck of being the Coordinator of this committee. Besides his busy schedule as board member of POLIS, he is happy to spend his time on this wonderful committee. While Niek loves to be in contact with companies, he also brings the most creative and crazy ideas to our meetings. We can always expect some fun stories of him.

Last, Nienke has the honor of being Chairwomen of this wonderful committee. With her enthusiasm and proactive attitude, she motivates our committee to organize the best events. Next to being a master student Organization and Management Studies, Nienke is member of the Battle Committee and an active POLIS member. Together with her fellow committee members, Nienke is looking forward to organizing two amazing activities for master students this year!