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The Lustrum Committee organizes the 6th lustrum of Study Association POLIS. This will be the biggest event of the year!!! Lustrum will be an 11-day event hosting many different formal and informal activities, like: the opening party, a legendary lustrum weekend, the 5th of May POLIS festival, a TEDx- style symposium, and a big prom to end the week.

Other committees, like the EC, will also probably host some activities during this week, like the Stadhuistraatcantus: Lustrum Edition.

Welcome to the introduction of the Lustrum Committee. Since our committee is huge we will keep the introductions short.

Henriëtte is brave enough to be this year’s treasurer. She may come across as shy but don’t let her fool you, she knows what she is doing.

Tristan is part two of the wonderful three-headed acquisition team. Is Tristan brave or a fool to sign up for the Lustrum Committee as his first POLIS committee ever? This has yet to be determined.

Viviana is the final part of the three-headed acquisition team. This is our ray of sunshine from Germany, always Zooming into our meetings.

Django is the Ba in BaCo. This POLIS veteran has almost seen it all. But can he handle this legendary committee as well as he can handle his alcohol?

Next is Lucas, the Co to the BaCo. Can Lucas make his BaCo dreams come true by winning once more? And bring along the committee into divine victory?

To add to the fun, Joost is our Chef drinks. He has already organized two amazing drinks, and the third is well on its way. With this Chef drinks, we expect to never have a boring committee drink.

Nina is our flying goalkeeper. She might not have a specific function but she can juggle every task with a smile on her face, even with some wine in her hands.

This year the Lustrum Committee is lucky enough to have not one but two coordinators to help us out: Sjoerd and Boris. Where would we be without these two? Sjoerd is the money man and Boris is up to organize every party.

We are almost down to the finish but not without one last committee member with the most important function of all, our vice-chair always there to help the chairman and all others when in trouble. Emma does not flinch at any task that’s thrown at her.

And last but not least we have the chairwoman of this committee, Marijana. With as much POLIS experience as her, no one could have been more perfect for this part. Marijana is here to make sure the Lustrum will be the best POLIS has yet to see.

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