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The Introduction Committee organizes the introduction camp for the new fresh-man. This committee has the freedom to come up with a theme, fun activities and of course take care of the whole weekend. Everyone will appreciate you for organizing this amazing weekend! This committee has the longest preparation time and will especially work on organizing the event in the second half of the year. This committee is a perfect mix between working on fun activities and seri-ous business!

Except for our supervising board member, we are an all-girls committee! Most of us couldn’t go to our own intro camp, so we will make up for that by organizing the best intro camp POLIS has had! We will do that with these amazing people:

For PR we have Amber. Her alcohol tolerance may not be the highest, but her social skills to help us find organizations who want to work with us makes up for it! Amber loves travelling and going to new places and coming together to grab a drink.

To make sure our money is well spent, we have our treasurer Frederieke. She might say she’s better at keeping money than partying till midnight. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to party and drink. She’ll come all the way from Amersfoort to Tilburg to grab a drink and have some fun!

Ellis is our Chief of BaCo. We might not be very good at those challenges, but Ellis will keep our spirit up! As a real Brabander Ellis can show us the real ‘Brabantse gezelligheid’. This comes with the special gift that she can chug and drink like a boss.

Our amazing secretary Meike puts a great effort in making all the minutes of our meetings. She is also a real Brabander, so it shouldn’t be a shock that she will make it her life purpose to drink all the Boekanier shots this year.

Next up is our Chief of Drinks. Sascha will put great efforts to organize fun (mostly online) drinking nights. You can imagine she’s a real hard worker if you know that she used to play water polo 6 times a week and ALSO managed to play tennis twice a week *shock*. Last year she had big regrets for not being an active member, so this year she’ll go all in!

As board member, Ramon will make sure everything will run smoothly. We’re going to try to not make him go insane by having to organize a camp with 6 girls… Ramon can make great music, so that’ll improve our camp even more!

Lastly, I will introduce myself. I’m Mara and I am the chairwoman of the Introcamp committee 2020-2021. Most drinking nights are hosted at my beautiful place in Tilburg, but unfortunately, I’m not a real Brabander. Having such amazing committee members will certainly help to organize an intro camp that no one will forget!

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