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The Introduction Committee (Intro) organizes the introduction camp for the new freshmen. This committee has the freedom to come up with a theme, fun activities and of course take care of the whole weekend. This committee has the longest preparation time and will mainly work on organizing the event during the second half of the year. This committee is a perfect mix between working on fun activities and serious business!

Hello everybody! I’m Koen, the chairman of this wonderful committee. Well, what can I say about myself? I play soccer, however after 10 years I still don’t know how the offside rule works and much more importantly, I like to party! This is my first year with POLIS and I’m very excited to work with this committee. This year we are aiming for the best Introcamp ever and I think that we will succeed with these already legendary committee members!

Firstly, there is Anvi, our public relations officer. She is one of the many first-years in our committee and even an international! With her professional communication skills we will get all organizations knocking on our door for a profitable business deal.

Next up is Sander, or more famously known under his real name: Bambi. He is probably chugging a liter of beer somewhere at the time of reading this piece. This also makes him perfect for the role of shared Chief of Drinks. Whether he can still perform his other role as treasurer after all that alcohol remains the question. His main goal in this committee is to be on time for just once. 

Ties is with Bambi our shared treasurer and Chief of Drinks. Our Tieske definitely knows how to party! He already made our first shots meeting a night we won’t forget (although because of the alcohol we might have forgotten some parts). 

Third, we have our other first-year called Frens. He will be performing the role of Chief of Baco this year. With his great hand-eye coordination he will lead us to victory! His motivation to win this year's Baco is unquestionably high just like his alcohol tolerance.

What is a committee without a secretary? Indeed, a committee without a Nienke! This energetic lady is never bored. It is also her first year with POLIS and she will hopefully have a fantastic start in this committee! 

Last but definitely not least, we have our one and only chefke POLIS Joy! She is our coordinator this year and will help us on this journey to make Introcamp possible. No obstacle is too big for her, except maybe for more than 3 beers. With her POLIS knowledge and skills we will be able to host one of the best Introcamps ever!

I hope to see you guys at the Introcamp next year either as a volunteer or as a first-year, until then!

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