Meet our


Do you love cooking and eating? Then the Food Committee might be the perfect committee for you! The FoodCie will be responsible for organizing two food-related activities. The first activity is free to fill in by the committee. The last activity will be the OS dinner for OS and GMSI students, which will also be attended by the professors of your study. This committee has been one of the most creative and fun committees of the previous years

I will start with introducing Merel. She is our amazing secretary this year who puts great effort into making the minutes and also keeping track of the crosses. She does a great job at hiding the hidden words! Sometimes the entire committee can’t find them (or perhaps they didn’t look for them??).

Next we have Mirle. She is our chief of BaCo who makes sure she sends us all the challenges every month. She always motivates us to score as many valuable BaCo points as we can! With her as our coach/cheerleader we are sure to score as many BaCo points as possible

Then we have our PR, Teun. While he is sometimes busy with his fraternity at Vidar, he never forgets about his POLIS family! He makes sure we have contacted the third parties we need for our events! He also is a great poet, which has already shown in some BaCo challenges.

Next we have our chief of drinks Lara! Her job is to arrange as many borrels with other committees as possible. Since she likes going out, arranging a borrel will not be a problem for her.

Then we have Anka. Even though she is enjoying herself in the sun on her exchange in Madrid till January, she will definitely be welcomed into the committee with open arms! We are excited for her to be back and be part of this tasty committee!

Our coordinator is Stanley. As a board member he has a lot of different committees and responsibilities to juggle, but he never forgets about his lovely FoodCie! As chaotic as he might be, his creativity is very valuable when we are brainstorming ideas! Hopefully he doesn’t unleash his inner Gordon Ramsey on us during one of our events.

Lastly, I will introduce myself. My name is Pien and I have the honor of being the chairwoman of the FoodCie 2023-2024. After being secretary for the STiP last year it was time for a change! While I might be a bit all over the place sometimes, I am looking forward to our events and we hope to see you all there!